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The Consumer CategoryWe bring you the chic and unique, the best and most bizarre shopping offers both online and offline. Meat consumption is rising in China, India and Brazil, and since it takes 7kg of grain to produce 1kg of beef (and 4kg to produce 1kg of pork), this is adding to global demand.
TODD Akin can now dissect and at all the vagina he wants thanks to Miss Insomnia Tulip and her anatomical macaroons. Akin just needs to call at the 2012 Eat Your Heart Out pop-up anatomically correct cake shop in London’s Pathology Museum at St. TO Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where fashion store owner Rajesh Shah fronts his store named after Adolf Hitler. CECILIA Gimenez’s updating of Elias Garcia Martinez’s Ecce Homo (aka Ecce Mono) has turned the fresco into a big hit with tourists. On Saturday, hundreds of curious visitors queued up outside the Iglesia del Santuario de Misericordia church, where the image is painted on a column. The parents of nine-year-old twins Mollie and Millie, and eight-year-old Maisie Finn have reported the photo to police. THE Sleeping Beauty installation at the National Art Museum of Ukraine features sleeping women.

We used a laser and sound trigger to capture the right moments for each subject to create just the head of hair that fit best with the face. We chose to work with triads of colors to create images that are arresting and amusing at the same time.
Joseph Brendan: It is actually pretty common for rats, snakes, and frogs to come up through the toilet. If your undying passion for Disney movies has been the real obstacle to finding true love, a new dating site may be just what you need. Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse wave to people in front the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
The site is the brainchild of Dave Tavres, a longtime Disney fan and former Disneyland engineer.
Response to the site has been so overwhelming that it was unable to keep up with new registrations for a time this week after its launch on Monday.
MouseMingle may be the only Disney-oriented dating site, but it is far from being the only niche site. We offer you tips on where to buy, and some of the less mainstream and crazy, individual and offbeat items on the internet. Far too many people about eating too much meat and the only way we can feed us all is with mung beans.

Shah named the shop after his business partner’s grandfather, who earned the nicknamed Hitler, on account of his shared love of tickling, chewing gum and, rumour has it, genocide, torture, rape and raspberry Snow Cones. The couple claim they were humiliated when the dildo they’d packed into their luggage was removed by persons unknown, covered in a greasy substance and taped to the outside of their bag. Tadder and his team aimed “to capture the explosion of water at various intervals” by tossing water balloons at the heads of bald men.
We feel the color helps transform the water into some more and adds greater visual interest. Phil Lucas, motivational gnu guru, has been collating images of how animals can inspire humankind.
Rape victims who carried their attackers’ children were delighted to know that they had been secretly wanted the sex all along.
What if those pregnancy-preventing portcullis drugs that stop victims of proper rape from falling pregnant could be harnessed and used as a contraceptive.

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