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Free online dating site marriage agency, unforgettable dating with the most beautiful women for love, serious relationship, find your pretty bride here. CougarDatingSite: What interests you most about cougar and cub relationships, and why this type of relationship in particular? CougarDatingSite: We have many cougars and cub readers……and starting with help and advice for our male audience, what three things would you wholeheartedly suggest our young men do when preparing for, or on a, first date with an older woman? CougarDatingSite: ……and similarly we are sure you’ve heard many (many) stories of where younger men get the date wrong time and time again. CougarDatingSite: We have heard from our female members who worry about dating a younger man and concerned their date will start comparing them to past girlfriends, or girls of their own age. CougarDatingSite: Why do you think younger men are attracted to older women and vice versa?

Older women prefer younger men because they grew up in a generation where they see a woman as an equal and not as someone they need to dominate and control.  They are not threatened by a woman’s accomplishments and are very supportive. Finally, they have little to no baggage – they generally don’t have an ex wife they are paying alimony to, kids they see every other weekend or major health issues.
CougarDatingSite: How soon after a first date should a guy or woman call – are there different dating etiquette’s when it comes to cougar and cub relationships than other dating? CougarDatingSite: Where would you suggest are the top 3 places to go – or things to do on – a first cougar date? CougarDatingSite: If you were knew in advance you were going to be stranded on a desert island for a year – what three things would you take with you? Lucia: I’m going to assume food and shelter would be provided, so I’d say a Cub, sunscreen and swimwear!

Lucia is an internationally known dating and relationship guru and is also recognised as the number 1 cougar dating expert in the world.
When it comes to cougar dating there is one expert that is turned to again and again, and that expert is the beautiful Lucia.
Either do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing etc… what would be the one ‘always avoid’ secret you can give to a man just about to go on a cougar date?
Not only a dating and relationship guru with over 21,000 Twitter followers but a self-confessed cougar who has appeared on many TV (including Tyra Banks, E!

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