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When you say "online dating", you usually think of young people searching for other young people on Facebook and on countless other dating websites, you don't think of 50+ year olds searching for other 50+ year olds in the online environment. Online dating is like walking into a bar where every single person over there is looking for someone to date. Another advantage to this 'bar' is that you can learn many things about these people before actually talking to them. If you lived all your life in a specific zone with the same people, finding someone to date is hard because you know everybody and everybody knows you. For young people, distinguishing between those that truly want a relationship and the ones that only want a sexual type of relationship is difficult, but for older, more mature people, it is quite easy. If you list only little information about your address or other personal details, if you don't like someone or if a person you met online is suspicious, you can simply ignore them or block them, without risking them following you home.
Learning how to use the Internet in your favor when you are over 50 years old is not an easy thing, but it can have lots of advantages.

However, you would be surprised to learn that there are dating websites that focus on 50+ year olds and that there are many advantages and benefits to using them! There are no people there that would look funny at you when you ask them out or people who are there with their partner. Do you want to know more about that one lady sitting at the bar alone, but don't know what she likes and how to start a conversation with her?
However, in the online world, you get to meet people from all walks of life and all over the world. Very few people over 50 years old would trick and lie to others in hopes of obtaining sexual favors so it's easier to find someone genuine to spend time with and not suffer from loneliness alone. However, if you take a few precautions and if you are careful to the kind of information you leave online, it would be much safer for you to find someone that truly cares about you.
If you were to meet someone at the local restaurant and discover that he or she is not what you hoped they would be, there is a risk of them finding you.

If you go outside, in the real world, in your area, chances are you will find someone that likes the same things as you, literally. Online dating can be considered a way to treat loneliness because through a few simple clicks, you can find someone that is suffering from loneliness too with which you can start a relationship. With a few precautions and tips, you can easy find someone that is in the same situation as you, who understands you better than anyone else and you can help each other drive the loneliness away. In the case of online dating, particularly in the case of paid online dating websites, you are much safer than if you were to meet someone for the first time at the local bar. However, if you go online, what says you can't find someone else from another state that is new and different from anyone else, with whom you can experience new things?

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