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The girl walking away in the promo is Clare, but that doesn't mean she is leaving Degrassi. In You Be Illin, Jenna is seen comforting Alli when she finds out she may have contracted HPV from Johnny.
In Wanna Be Startin’ Something, Jenna applies for a job in Holly J and Jane's babysitting business.
In Start Me Up, Clare mentions her when she wants to go to the mall instead of watching Jenna and K.C. In Innocent When You Dream, Jenna is seen practicing for the play with Peter Stone, it seems as if she has a main role.
In Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Jenna applies for a job at the Dot before it explodes, Spinner tells her he'll think about it before letting her know. In Breakaway Part 1, Clare is excited to tell Alli that she is getting a surgery on her eyes to let her not wear glasses, and wear contacts only sometimes. In Breakaway Part 2, Jenna is still discussing the Clare "fake boob" thing with KC, Connor, Wesley, and Dave in gym. In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Part 1, Jenna is worried about her weight for the calendar shoot when her Power Squad uniform becomes a little too tight. In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Part 2, Jenna and Alli walk in talking about how everyone is excited for the Power Squad Calender photo shoot.
In You Don't Know My Name Part 1, Jenna and KC give Alli the idea to have a double-date with them to make Drew fall for her. In You Don't Know My Name Part 2, Jenna hangs with Alli to comfort her with paying back and getting back at Drew. In Tears Dry On Their Own Part 1 Jenna starts to feel sick, and Alli tells her she should take a pregnancy test and gave her some books that said she had all the signs.
In All Falls Down Part 1, Jenna is at Clare's house with Alli aswell, she is doing her hair, makeup and her outfit. In part two, Jenna is getting major props from people (mostly an overexcited Chantay) about her baby revelation. In Halo Part 1, Sav is seen watching the morning announcements with Chantay and is upset about how Mr. He asks, "So, after birth, does stuff go back to normal?" Jenna gets upset, and Sav says he meant "in life." The instructor asks if Sav's a first time daddy, and Jenna explains to her that he isn't the father, he is merely a friend. In Halo Part 2, in the morning her and Chantay are standing trying to get people to buy a wish star. Jenna then learns she put Sav and Holly J's relationship in jeopardy after she sees Sav sitting on the steps of Degrassi and she asks what's wrong.
In Just Cant Get Enough Part 1 Alli is jealous of the new girl, Jenna, when Jenna finds a friend in Clare. In Shoot To Thrill, Alli feels that she needs to "spice things up" in her relationship with Johnny.
In You Be Illin', Alli is seen with Clare and Jenna breaking into Johnny's locker to get the pictures back.
Alli is seen accompanied by Jenna to the clinic and Alli tells her to promise not to tell Clare.
In Innocent When You Dream, besides helping her best friend Clare with her crush on Declan, Alli comes up with the clever online name "Madame Degrassi". In What A Girl Wants Part 1, Dave is back at Degrassi and is with his best friend Connor, Connor and Dave both check out Alli as she's walking into school. In What A Girl Wants Part 2, Alli is still pissed about Dave, so she decides to make a Degrassi Looser List, and put it around the whole school, in despite. In Breakaway Part 1, Clare tells Alli that she is getting a surgery on her eyes to make them better, and that she won't need to wear glasses, and contacts. In 99 Problems Part 1, Alli decides this will be her year, so in order to become popular she decides to try out for the Power Squad.
In 99 Problems Part 2, Alli starts a dance club to rival the Power Squad, getting the new girl, Bianca, to join. In You Don't Know My Name Part 2, Alli is tired of Drew, so she decides to befriend Jenna and ignore Drew as much as possible. In "Better Off Alone (1)", Alli has a crush on Drew, and she invites Drew to her party to get his attention. In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Part 1, Alli is in the MI Lab with Jenna watching her try on her new Power Squad uniform, when Jenna closes the blinds. In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Part 2, Alli and Jenna walk into MI Lab together, and she talks about how she's lucky that her brother Sav got introuble, now her parents are focusing more on him, and not on her.
In Still Fighting It Part 2, At the auction, it's his turn to go up, but no girls bid for him, Anya helps introduce him, but no one bids for him.
In All Falls Down Part 1, Alli is sitting on a bench with Drew in the hallways, and is helping him study for the upcoming exams.
In All Falls Down Part 2, Drew is looking for Alli, and is pressured because he doesn't want her to know about him and Bianca in the boiler room.
In Don't Let Me Get Me, Alli returns to school from break hoping to get a fresh start apart from Drew and Bianca. In part two, Alli learns that Connor got the picture of Bianca and Bianca comes into the class telling her someone's gonna get beat, referring to her. In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (1), Adam is seen as one of the many contestants who are trying to win backstage passes to the Dead Hand concert, by keeping their hand on the truck. In I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (2) Sav, Eli and Adam gather near the J.T Yorke Memorial to find ideas on how to keep Sav's parents busy while they're at the concert. In Try Honesty Part 1, Eli tries to park his hearse, Morty, and when he gets out Fitz is in the way, Fitz then takes the skull off Eli's car, and chucks it through the fence Eli is pissed. In Try Honesty Part 2, Adam is with Eli at the beginning of the day, seing Fitz, and he's pumped up for the fake ID. In You Don't Know My Name Part 2, Adam gives his step bro Drew homework help, and advice on getting Alli back, since he was a girl before. In My Body Is A Cage (1), The main plot centers around him trying to navigate school life while not outing himself. In Still Fighting It (1)', Eli ,Clare, and Adam are in a English video project for a modern Romeo and Juliet, which supposedly Eli picked, Clare says obviously I?ll be Juliet but who will be Romeo Eli says very fast I?ll do it.
In Still Fighting It (2), Clare wonders why Eli isn't showing up to class, and working on the project. In All Falls Down Part 1, Adam learns that Clare has given up on going to the dance with Eli because she made a deal to go to the dance with Fitz, because if she goes wiht him, he promised to never bother Adam or Eli again. In All Falls Down Part 2, Adam goes to the dance dateless, but his brother Drew is worried on not telling Alli about the Boiler Room with Bianca.
In Umbrella Part 1, Drew and Adam are working on the food drive at Degrassi when Fiona enters, looking for a teacher. In Umbrella Part 2, Drew is seen walking up to Adam and asked him if he will do the announcments for the food drive.
People have posted pictures of the promo connecting her appearance in one shot and that final shot. I mean obviously I know it has to do with relationships and stuff but what’s like, the actual definition?
She is played as a purpleish whitish alien who tried to find her true love, which is Peter.
She also tells Spinner that she had practice from flipping FlapJacks back where she used to live. Alli says that she even heard a lady at the grocery store heard about it and dropped her melons.
KC while kissing Jenna up and down her neck asks Alli if she ever tries to get sexy with Drew, but Alli is a little nervous to answer that. Jenna is confused when the footballers form that circle around them to try to win Alli back.
She asks Alli if she looks too pregnant in her outfit, sort of sarcasitcally, and Alli tells her she looks fine, even if she's preggers. Another contestants intimidates Jenna about her baby bum and that she has more followers on twitter who are going to vote for her, but Jenna then also confesses her whole school will be voting for her for the next round.
But K.C seems to be the one not excited about Jenna's exploitation to her pregnancy and her revealing him to be the father. She then tries to be friends with Jenna because Jenna wanted to be friends with both of them from the start. She enrolls in photography classes and takes rather intimate pictures of Johnny cuddling with a teddy bear.
They don't get the pictures, but Alli finds a picture of her and Johnny together and she starts falling for him again. KC tells her to mind her own business, Alli gets pissed and tells him she will definitely tell Clare. Later in the episode, Alli and Clare go to the Fritz Helder concert Alli is surprised to find out that Clare copied the paper from Declan.
Part 2, Alli is upset that she has to go to Degrassi on a saturday to help set up for the prom and her and Dave have to serve the drinks to the people at prom. Also, when Clare gets 4-star ratings, and an "M" for maturity on her posts Alli congratulates her.
Dave confronts her and asks her stupid embarrassing questions, but Alli just rolls her eyes and seems to be bothered by them. At lunch she sits with them and manages to get herself an audition if she gets Chantay a skinny latte and spearmint gum.
During practice, Bianca shows up and shows off her dance moves and impresses everyone, especially Alli.
At the party Alli asks Dave for advice on getting Drew, but Dave misunderstands Alli, and thinks she loves him. She tells Dave, and at first he thinks she is talking about him, and is heartbroken when he finds out she means Drew. Jenna complains to Alli that she can't fit into the skirt, and Alli tells her that she's silly for thinking that.
She learns about the hoedown throwdown dance, and taking advice from Jenna and KC, Alli asks Drew on a double date to the dance, he tells her "no he can't". Anya eventually bids $2 for him, and Wesley is happy, and even Drew and Alli are happy for him.
And if you follow me back, well, that would just guaruntee you an unconditional, everlasting love from me. Adam stares sternly at Fitz, and Fitz tells him what he's looking at, and Adam replies not sure. Adam watchs Eli give Fitz the fake ID, he once again makes sure that it that they should do what they're about to do.
Later on, Adam tells Alli to go see "Jenna" in the photo booth, but he really tells Alli to go see Drew, and they end up getting back together. He tells Eli that he thinks Bianca DeSousa is hot, to which Eli comments, "Sure, in a Scary-SUV-hit-and-run-club-district kind of way." Adam tries to flirt with Bianca, which is interrupted when he suddenly rushes off to his locker to grab tampons, because he notices his period coming on.
He tells Elit that he ordered a pay per view movie, and Eli jokes around saying he doesn't want to watch that kind of stuff, but Adam tells him he's gross and that it's a movie on kung-fu. Fitz notices that Adam is pretty strong but is having trouble with the weights, staying down, so he helps him put them down. Adam is sitting outside of the lockers with Clare and he is pestering her to tell Eli, and without knowing Eli comes up and asks tell Eli what.
Adam tells him that he has to tell Alli but Drew tells him that he definitely doesn't want to because he loves Alli. They are all talking about science materials, accompanying each other, and basically enjoy their time in the club. Drew convinces her to help out with the drive to fulfill her community service hours that are required (convincing her by saying that in doing something else, she may have to wear a hair net or change an old man's diaper). After a comment about their new "party pad" Eli jokes about Adam making him look bad in front of Clare. But I'm pretty sure Clare walking away in the promo has nothing to do with the voice at the end. Jenna helps Alli get revenge on Johnny by attempting to persuade him to tell her (while wearing wires) that he has HPV so they can broadcast it to the whole school. Alli yells at Jenna and KC and tells them that Clare won't be happy about what is going on with them.
When Alli finds Clare's notebook, Clare says she isn't finished with her story because she has to write the part where the girl gets the boy back. He starts talking about Marisol, a girl from the earlier episode, and Jenna starts to get jealous. Later on, Jenna is with Alli who is printing Drew's essay she did for him, Alli asks Jenna if she ever done something this crazy for love, even though she hasn't and she wouldn't and she thinks it's wrong, Jenna says yes. Later, she asked K.C if he was coming to her auditions for a Teen Star contest but he said he would not be going because he had football.
Jenna thanks her, she then tells her that she is upset because she built her life around KC, and is having his baby, and he left her.
Not making matters any better, when it comes time for the interview portion of Next Teen Star at Degrassi, the producer makes if very clear to Jenna that she is boring and seems to have nothing special about her. Jenna has received a ton of positive comments on the Next Teen Star site and people are sending stuffed animals to her at school. Jenna walks up to the two and talks about the Make a Wish event, and Sav tells her it's Chantay's way to break the curse.
Chante says that she should show them publicly, and Alli agrees, though knowing that Johnny didn't want them to be seen. They decide to put wires on Jenna and try to persuade him to tell her about his STD so they can broadcast to the school. When Emma tells Alli and the others that she hates it, Alli is confused and asks her why because there's no parents and you practically get to do what you want. Clare feels ashamed and tells her that she'd understand that if she wouldn't want to be friends with her. Also, when Sav was meeting Farrah she tells him he can pick his job off the floor at anytime.
Later on, at the Dot, Clare is with Alli telling her that she's being too dramatic because Dave only put her as #42 and that doesn't mean anything at all.
Later in the episode, Alli confronts her bro Sav saying that she's going to get all the attention when their parents find out that Anya is preggers, but then she learns that it was a joke and tells them that they were weird.
The next day she comes into the practice room with the coffee and gum, and she's wearing Darcy's old uniform. After a while, Alli decides that they should all go to the football game together, but Bianca disagrees.
The problem is Alli doesn’t want that; the whole point of the group is that SHE would become popular because of its existence…she doesn’t want to actually work for it.
Alli gets the party to play a game of I Never, where when someone says something they have never done, anyone who has done it must remove an item of clothing. Alli is now convinced he just doesn't want to go with her, but he tells her that his mom wont let him go to anything if he doesn't get a good "mark" on his essay.
It's is Drew's mom, she starts to be a little rude, and makes remarks on how Alli is probably why Drew is failing. She ends up getting some shocking news from Adam that Drew spent all break crying over their breakup and she reconsiders giving him a second chance.

Later on, Adam is still worried along with Clare about what will happen with Eli and the fake ID. Eli and Clare act out the scence and kiss romantically while Adam tapes it for the project.
Later on, Clare asks him where Eli is because Fitz has a knife, Adam starts to panic a bit and goes with Clare to tell Mr. But, when Alli gets there they think it's a joke since she doesn't use her smartness like used to. Drew spends the episode trying to win over Fiona's affection only to be shut down every time. Later in the class Adam meets up with Fiona who seems to complain about not wanting to go to the dance because she can't seem buy this new dress.
Eventually, Jenna says she wants to be Alli's friend too when Clare invites both over her house. The coach gives KC the key to his room, KC invites Jenna up there and they make out on the bed, but shortly after the coach walks in on them and Jenna ends up leaving. But, KC makes a joke about it and how they may look good on Clare, Jenna gets pissed at him. He then asks Clare if he can touch them, Clare is confused but then tells him okay but to be gentle, cause they're sore.
She tells him that she wants to gain custody of him and has set up an appointment with his social worker. Later, when sitting at the Dot with her brother (Kyle) he told her she should go to the doctors and that she would be no good to them if she was barfing all over the place, she said she was fine and refused to go to the doctors. Jenna asks Chantay to tell the cameras about Jenna, and apparently Jenna being nice is not interesting. When Holly J discusses the details for the event, Jenna makes fun of Chantay, and Chantay tells her it's the best she could do.
Alli earlier took naked pictures of herself and sent them to Sav's old cell phone, which Alli had given Johnny.
Their plan fails because instead of following Jenna's prompting remarks, Johnny tells Jenna that Alli is the only girl he wants. Later on, she thinks that Clare likes the new boy Eli, and smiles when he picks up her glasses. Later on after a break, Alli comes back with news that they will be performing at the game, even though none of them are ready. The team quits on her, leaving her out to dry, but the episode ends with her and a bunch of random people humorously dancing around at the football game. While, playing the game Dave keeps his arm around Alli, thinking they're a couple or close to being a couple.
Alli thinks that's silly and offers to help him with it, he seems bothered by that and tells her "no"! Drew is embarrassed and Alli tells her that it's nice to meet her and tries to shake her hand, after she walks away, Drew tries to makeout, but Alli tells him it'd be best if they study for now. Simpson breaks it up and at a confrence with her parents, her dad learns that she sexted Johnny and she is pronounced suspended for the remainder of the day. Later after Bianca takes her hand off the truck, Eli, Wesley, and Adam are the only 3 Contestants left.
They wait at Adam's locker and look at each other sternly whne they're nervous about Eli's plan to pay Fitz back.
Dawes, about the project and how she can fix it on her own, but then gets some advice on wanting to remain friends with Eli, than not seeing him at all. Adam agrees, he tells Fitz that he's may look a bit like a girl but he's all guy in his head. In the meantime, Adam learns more about Fiona and how her relationship with her "New York Prince" didn't work out because he was charming on the outside, but not on the inside. Drew says he had a nice chat with Fiona, and Drew claims he'll do the announcments and leaves Adam with a pat on the shoulder. Fiona talks about how her New parties were the best compare to parties thrown by the school. But, when Jenna asks the Clare and Alli who is "off-limits", both Alli and Clare become skeptical.
In gym, KC is hanging with Connor, Dave, and Wesley and he hears his girl, Jenna confront Clare, and he laughs. When Jenna is waiting for her turn to audition, she starts to feel uneasy, and when its her turn she feels sick and throws up in a near-by trash can, and hears them yell "Next" indicating that they weren't giving her a second chance. KC walks up to them and starts talking to Jenna, thinking that she's falling for Sav and he's falling for her and all, Jenna tells him to go away because he was never much help, and Sav was more of a help than him. Jenna misses her bus, because she's emotional and is crying until KC finds her and tells her that he wants to get back together with her, and that he made a mistake of letting her go the first time around.
He tells her he found a genital wart and that she also should get checked out since they had sex.
Clare is mad and is blowing off steam and talks about how she doesn't want to have sexual thoughts becuase she has an absetance ring and she doesn't want to make a mistake of having sex with somebody like Alli did with Johnny. Alli then logs on to a computer and yells at Dave for making her hottest girl #42 on the hottest Degrassi Girls List.
Dave then goes to the Dot, and asks Clare if he can talk to Alli, shes wants him too so she says gladly.
A few moments pass, Right when Drew is about to take off his pants, Alli shuts the party down but switches Drew's watch with her own. Drew later tells Alli that he still wants to spend time with her and she suggests that they go see the movie. She declines saying, "We have one fight and you run off to Marisol." The next day at school Drew asks a few of his team mates to help him out after Adam tells him that the right girl needs more effort.
He goes to get the water, and she tells Alli that she can't stand the smell of the humus, and that she thinks she's ready to take the pregnancy test. A few minutes later Drew is getting study advice from KC, but Bianca is standing in the hallway and is staring at Drew, and making him stare and smile back.
Drew explains how after school, Bianca persuaded him to the boiler room, but the only thing they did was kiss.
Later that night, her mom demands to know what's written in her diary by telling her to open it. Eli and Clare break it up, then the three of them try to come up with a plan to stop him, after he leaves, but Clare thinks if Eli'd just ignore him things would be better. Later when confronting Clare and Eli (who Clare told about the incident) about what happend he tells them the truth about how he is an FTM (Female-To-Male) transgender person and they take it normally, and this news does not seem to affect there friendship in any way. Torres demands that Adam be transferred to another school and rants on about transgender students in high school getting death threats and being assaulted.
Eli looks over at Adam, who is getting annoyed, and he simply smiles and tells Clare that they got it. At school the next day, Eli tells Adam that he likes Clare a lot, but since what happened, Eli doesn't want to start anything again.
A few moments later Bianca walks in and puts on boxing gloves, Fitz tells Adam that he'll have to fight her, but Adam doesn't want to fight anyone especially Bianca.
Also, he tells his mom that Drew is in the boiler room when she's looking for him during the lockdown.
Adam also tells Alli he is sorry about what Drew did to her and that he was stupid to do it.
Clare then walks Adam and tells him about how Eli rejected her, and she's going to get her watch back from his house with a sneaky plan during lunch. Becaue oh my God, the new episodes look so itnense and I want to know what's going on when it returns. Jenna gets angry because he lied to her, but KC tells her that she should be happy because the coach is the reason that he broke up with Clare.
Also, throughout the day Clare is confronted by Jenna who thinks she's getting a boob job, and tells her that she's too young and that she looks good already, Clare is flabbergasted and doesn't know what she's talking about so she tells Jenna that she should mind her own business since she already stole KC from her. Wesley explains everything, and told her that Jenna started everything; he apologizes and runs off. Oh walks into the room saying "No food in class" as the bell rings, so Jenna sits and takes a pill out and swallows it with her burger.
She left K.C a voice mail saying she really needed him to be there, later he showed up and she told him that she screwed up, he told her to ask for a second chance and to not take no for an answer. Clare thanks them, Clare then begins to talk about her Eli, Fitz dilemma and Jenna and Alli are surprised and they try to give her some advice.
She talks to Chantay the next day at school and when she asks the senior for advice, Chantay tells Jenna that it’s time to bring on the drama. She asks Jenna what her plan is to get money for the baby and Jenna is convinced that she’s going to win Next Teen Star and all her problems will be solved.
After, in the music room, Jenna starts to flirt with Sav again, and tells her that he knew he'd come for her. Alli, attempting to get the phone away from him, hits the "Send" button by accident, and Bruce receives the text directly in front of Mr. When, Johnny comes over to get a drink he tells her that she is lame and that her friend is a child. Alli walks up to Dave and they talk, Dave tells her that the list that he made is stupid, because he thinks she's the hottest in the school, and he's not lying.
Alli is very happy and feels she's going to make the team, the next day, she doesn't see her name on the list. While still "studying", KC realizes that Drew isn't paying attention, and decides to give up. Simpson, he tells her that she has to go to a self-esteem seminar due to her actions at the Night in Vegas Dance. His mother tells his father that Sav is being "sincere" and that he's honestly sorry and she does trust him. The next morning, Eli and Clare are walking into school, and Eli goes up to Fitz, and asks for an apology, and they can go back to ignoring and hating each other like they usually do. Adam tries to talk to Bianca a second time, which seems to work out well, until she makes physical contact with his chest. The next day, Clare is excited about the kiss, but Eli ignores her, so Clare talks to her teacher, who said that a lack of communication caused the star crossed lover's death. Clare later learns the Eli has a secret, and Adam knows, she asks Adam for his house address, and he reluctantly gives it to her. Adam tells Drew that he will help him win over Fiona, he just has to aim lower in the meantime. Later while Adam is working at the food drive, Fiona winks at Adam and begins flirting with Drew.
Later on KC reports the coach for his behavior and it is implied that Jenna is there for KC. Clare becomes more frustrated and tells him that he can blame everything on everyone else but himself, and tells him that she'll see him in September.
She then went in a forced them to let her perform her song and they said they loved her and gave her a ticket. Alli then goes with Jenna to the closet of Next Teen Star, where it says on their waivers that all preexisting conditions must be told to the directors. Then the doorbell rings, Jenna goes to get it and Jenna says "speak of the devil" and Eli walks in and asks Clare to talk. Sav sits her down and tells her that she needs to calm down and that they're not dating because he's happy with Holly J. Alli is shocked and asked who it was and he confesses to her he slept with more than one girl.
Later on, Alli and Clare make up and Alli tells her that they are cool and she knew she was only blowing off steam.
Alli kisses him and he asks if they're going out now, but she says their only friends, and Dave jokes around saying friends with benefits, and Alli laughs.
At the game, she is the only one left to perform and states that if anyone wants to join her, they are welcome to do so. She asks again if he needs help, and he says no once again, because his mom told him to do it himself, but she thinks happy if she helps him his mom, him, and her will all be happy, and he will be able to go to the dance with her.
While waiting in the bathroom for the pregnancy test to say the results, Jenna complains to Alli on how and why it takes so long for the results to come out, Alli tells her that the directions say three minutes.
Bianca comes over and sits next to Drew, she asks if he can zipper her sweat jacket up because it stuck, when he does she puts her hands on his chest, and they both sorta like it. After telling Drew he's on "probation", she is shocked to find out that Drew doesn't have to attend the seminar due to the fact that it's an all-girls seminar. Bianca chases Adam and rips open shirt to reveal a medical bandage around his chest, thus forcefully outing him to her. Simpson informs them that Fitz and Owen had been suspended, Adam would be forced to walk to class with a teacher, and Adam would need to use the handicap bathroom.
Eli ignores Clare and convinces her that he isn't interested in her and that he is sorry that he led her on when Clare confronts him When Clare walks away upset, Eli looks like he is sad which makes us believe he really didn't mean to tell Clare that and that there is a reason why he is deneing his love for her. Clare shows up and demands a response from Eli, he gives up and tells her to get into his car and he takes her for a ride. Adam lets Bianca mess around with him a little bit but before Bianca punches him he leaves pissed off. The episode ends with Adam convincing Fiona that Drew is a nice guy, he's just nervous around her. Alli pretends she is pregnant and wanted to audition to see what the lady in charge says, and the lady says that a baby would make all the tabloids, but carrying a baby around wouldn't be good for anyone concerned.
Jenna is convinced that she'll have to go through this pregnancy alone, and Sav tells her she won't, and he accompanies her to her prenatal class as a friend.
Holly J tells her that she she seems happy, and Jenna tells her that she's falling for someone. Principal Hatzilakos lectures Alli about circulating such pictures of herself, stating it could become a police matter with regard to child pornography; Alli begs the principal not to bring it to the police because she already has a file there. At first Alli is dancing alone, but Clare joins her and soon everyone else in the bleachers starts dancing too.
The next day in the MI Lab, Alli is with Jenna and she tells Alli that she shouldn't bother, but Alli without telling Drew decided to write his essay for him, and print it and spellcheck it and everything, including hers. After, waiting the longest three minutes of her life, Jenna looks at the pregnancy test, saying "oh crap" while looking at a positive two-lined pregnancy test. At a meeting of the Science Olympics, Connor and Wesley ask Alli if the rumors of Vegas Night are true and she seeks out to clear her name. After hearing her mom and dad talk and cry, she is devastated thinking her parents hate her. But due to Adam actually being a female, his strength was not able to hold a stereo system and he quickly drops the stereo and ends up busting the trucks tail light. When he goes out to pick up Eli and Adam, he seems unsure about going to the concert, thinking about what his mother said about how she really "trusts" him.
When Adam tries to use the men's restroom, Fitz and owen follow him in and harass him, which ends with Adam being thrown against a glass door.
He takes her to a spot, and Clare thinks he's going to ditch her, but he tells her this is the spot where I killed my girlfriend, she and him had a fight, and she left and got hit by a speeding car, while going home. Later in the halls Adam is waiting for Fitz to get out of the locker room and Eli comes and asks what's wrong Adam tells Eli what happened and that he's waiting for Fitz, Eli told him that it'll only make things worse but Adam doesn't listen.

Fiona appears to be giving Drew another chance, and tells Adam that she's not looking for anything serious or physical. When the combination Clare uses to Eli's room doeasn't work, Adam suggest the numbers 22-04-09 and says that it's the day Julia died. After their plan works, Clare tells Jenna she'll find a guy for her someday, and Jenna looks up at KC and smiles, he smiles back.
Jenna goes off on how she should never do this and this and that, and how she thinks it's an attempt to get KC back. Suddenly, Jenna's bag starts to ring and she says that she borrowed the phone and had no chance to get it back to him. She warns her about the side effects but Jenna tells her "short term pain, for long term gain." Anya just lets her off with no comment. That includes forcing Holly J's manager to let her off work early, getting on Anya and Wesley's limo to make Holly J go to the secret party and pretending that Jenna is going to have her baby to get Sav in the limo alone with Holly J. Alli and Johnny break up when Johnny wants to keep the naked pictures as something to remember Alli by.
The next day, Alli and Dave are seen playing a card game and Alli realizes that she wants to be more adult like and that Dave is too kiddish for her.
Later on, him and Connor are in the hallways and they are talking about why Alli is acting so weird, since they were friendly all summer.
When Alli shows up she sees Drew and says "You're not Jenna." Drew makes a full apology and tells Alli why he likes her. At lunch, Alli and Drew go and sit down, and they begin talking, Drew claims he wants to study, and they talk. Later on, Eli tells Adam what Fitz did while they're at the Dot, they then confront Fitz and his group and offer to make him a fake ID after Eli shows him his, and if they make him one they leave him alone.
The teacher allows him to sit down with Clare and Eli, who seem to not have a problem with Adam being transgender. Eli and Clare then offer for him to tag along, but Adam tells them he wont because he's not going to be a third wheel again.
When Fitz gets out of the locker room Adam walks up to him and punches him and Fitz falls to the ground.
When the power squad is practicing poses for the calender, Jenna gets on top, then she panics and demands them to put her down. Later, Jenna goes to the doctor and finds out her baby is almost five months old and it would be very risky to have an abortion this late.
KC and his mom have been getting along really well since he moved back in with her and they decide to head to Miss Steaks for dinner to celebrate. Drew tries to win Alli back after realizing that he really did like her, but Alli rejects all of his apologies. Perino's desk, and tells Drew, he isn't happy; even though he didn't finish his essay anyway. Drew then gets a text from Bianca, and doesn't want Alli to see it, but after a little wrestling to get the phone Alli asks Drew why Bianca is sending her sexy photos.
Drew confronts Alli in the hallway and tells her that it wont happen ever again, and that it was just a stupid kiss. During a break, Alli takes Bianca's phone and sends a naked photo of Bianca to everyone in her contacts.
That's why I have my own car." Both Adam and Eli admit that they'd never take a chance to steal their parents car to go to a concert. Adam informs Clare and Eli that his family has never really accepted him and that he's going to have to change back to "Gracie" during his grandmother's visit. At school the next day Adam ignores Eli and Clare's seating area, and listens to Fitz when he asks if Adam wants to sit across from him.
Adam stares off into space very casually, but in a mysterious way after Fiona's taxi drives off. Drew replies with "So?" and Adam says, "So maybe I should go out with her." They begin an arguement about why Fiona wouldn't date him, and Drew claims it's becausly she wouldn't want someone who isn't a guy physically. Eli then replies saying: "Would it be cheesy if I said mine already has?" They share a moment but both wonder if Adam's okay. KC’s mom is Jenna’s biggest fan and of course, is watching her on Next Teen Star while at the restaurant. Out of options, Jenna asks KC’s mom to coffee to apologize for being defensive and finally asks for help. Later on, she apologizes and tells him that she really wants to be his friend and they are friends again. Even after he got KC, Owen, and another football player to get into a huddle and sing a goofy song to make Alli fall for Drew.
The next day Alli is seen at her locker hanging up the photos and Drew comes saying that he is looking for his girlfriend and Alli says that she is looking for her boyfriend. Drew tells her he doesn't know, Alli gets up and tells him that she's going to beat her up, but Drew tells her that he can handle it, and plus he won't do anything to do their relationship.
Sav says, "Wow, I can't believe you got it in there," with Adam responding, "Hah, Yeah thats' what my ex-girlfriend said," with Eli telling him that is gross. When Sav checks the time on his iPhone and says they have enough time to get home if they leave now. While at school Eli and Adam make Fitz a fake ID, but they make his name the one of the most wanted criminals in the area.
Adam arrives at remedial gym, where Bianca, the one who outed Adam, is telling about how she accidentally touched Adam's boobs to listeners. In the end they remain as friends for now, and they hand in their new project, and get a good grade.
While practicing for the "fight" Eli and Clare walk in and ask Adam for them to help, Adam, Eli and Clare then devise a plan.
He reveals Fiona misses parties back at New York and that he wants to impress Fiona with one.
His social worker says that the only way thats possible is to take it to the courts, but that could take months. After her performance Jenna reveals that shes pregnant to the live audience and K.C's mom knows that it was his and angrily demands that he admit it.
KC’s mom tells Jenna that she will be there for Jenna and the next day at school KC gives Jenna a book of baby names from his mom., confirming their rekindled friendship. At her locker KC starts talking to Jenna, she takes off her headphones and starts to talk to him, he asks how she is and she says good. When he sincerely apologizes, at the dance by getting Adam, to walk up to Alli, and told her to go to the photo booth because Jenna wants her.
Drew then puts a label on Alli's forehead that reads "Drew's Girlfriend" and one on his that reads "Alli's Boyfriend" and they walk off holding hands. She says that boys tempt her to make dumb mistakes and concludes that she should leave Degrassi to go to an all-girls school. Sav then tries to see if the tail light work, as it turns on Adam yells, "Boo Yah!", with Eli saying "Who are you," which questions if they are really friends or not. Fiona later follows Drew out of the school and tells him that they snuck some from the food drive.
Alli goes to class and tells Clare that she should go after Eli especially since he is kissing her, and he doesn't mind. While discussing it and overhearing Alli and Drew talking while playing for chips at the dance, Bianca walks up to Alli and tells her that she's crazy to think that kissing was all they did. Adam and Eli then tell him that they need a ride to the concert and that they should take the truck.
Sav trys to calm her down when she says that he's the "guy at school who likes no fun." They were about to leave until they hear the band is going to do an encore.
Bianca denies being a lesbian and Adam says neither is he and that they both need partners, to which Bianca says that Adam needs therapy and threatens Adam, walking away. They eat lunch and have a friendly conversation, and when Eli confronts Adam, Adam basically makes fun of Eli and makes him leave pissed off. Fitz comes out of the building ready to fight, Adam punches him again and tells him he's not a girl. Adam tells Fiona she didn't want her to flirt with him, and soon walks away from Fiona, after their short talk, leaving her confused about why he's being strange. While Alli is in class, Drew confronts Bianca in the hallway, and tells her that he likes the photos after she asks, but he tells her that her heart belongs to Alli, she tells him that she doesn't care. Alli is stunned, Bianca tells her that she was the only one to keep her clothes on, and that her boyfriend Drew didn't; implying that she gave him a blow job.
After the encore, he rushes to the car, bringing Bianca because of her being too drunk to drive. Fitz then chases after Adam and Eli and in the school Clare lights a stink bomb and throws it into the the exam room, and makes everyone leave.
Drew is next seen talking with Fiona at The Dot and she asks him, "What is your brothers malfunction." Drew seems like he's going to tell her, but then stops and tells her Adam's the best brother. Clare doesn't understand because it isn't a right thing to do, and they can get kicked out of the gifted program if caught. In the car with her half brother, Jenna decides to keep the baby and continue competing on Next Teen Star. Bianca tells him that she doesn't care who he's going out with, and if he wants to be with her she'll be in the Boiler Room at 4:00pm.
Now in the Dot, Adam and Eli are told by Sav that his dad says no, but that he will take the car to the concert without telling his dad.
Outside Eli punches Fitz and then he punches back and gives Eli a bloody lip, and they watch everyone leave the gym.
Fiona thinks it's strange that the big secret is he's super nice, but agrees that Adam's not like most guys. Her brother Kyle tells her that the Middleton's never give up and Jenna asks him to drive her to her clothing fit for Next Teen Star, because she's a Middleton and she's not giving up. She then asks him if he wants to go to her first prenatal class with her, he says yes, going along with the star thing. Later on, Alloi learns her and Drew aren't in trouble as much as they thought, but their realtionship may be.
After saying goodbye to Clare, she leaves in tears.Alli is captain of the Degrassi Science Olympics but since she has left Degrassi it's currently unknown who their new captain will be. At first, Sav says he's not going to speed, but does anyway since he only has twelve minutes.
Fitz learns he has to back down and it takes Adam one more punch to send Fitz back on his knees, Adam sort of succeeds for now. Later Drew tells Adam that Fiona for some reason likes him, so if he likes her, he should go for it. Alli still wants to go to the dance, Drew then explodes and tells her she isn't as smart as he thought, Alli is confused. In class he tells KC what is going on, he gets another sexy photo from Bianca, and shows KC, who gasps. Alli sort of tells Owen what happened, and he tells her that any guy is stupid to cheat on her and that guys would pay big bucks to hookup with her. When the police start following him, Bianca yells "floor it" since she can't be caught drunk again. Drew tells Adam that he didn't tell her about his real gender because she doesn't want anything physical, they make up and Adam says make a good team. He says that his mom just got back out of jail eight months ago and Jenna asks where she is. During lunch, Alli tells Jenna that everyones been talking about her incident and tells Alli that instead of taking diet pills, she just asked Chantay to get her a bigger sized uniform. Drew tells her before starting a relationship he puts the girl he wants to date, through a test, and Alli failed miserably. Before "failing" the exams Drew looks at Bianca who smiles and then looks at Alli who smiles and waves. When Sav pulls over, the officer shines the light into his face saying, "This car has been reported stolen." Sav returns home and gets a lecture from his father. His father insists Sav's been living a perfect life, but Sav explains he doesn't because he's been pushed away from music, Anya, and fun. After handing in his exam, Drew asks Alli if she wants to do something, after school, maybe go to the dot. But his father says he is grounded for two months and deep inside somewhere he knows he is a good boy. When Sav gets back to school Adam and Eli go up to him and Sav apoligizes for ruining their night. Drew tells her she doesn't have to while looking at Bianca, he Alli to go get all sexy looking. Back to Alli and Owen, Owen persuades Alli into going to the boiler room with him, and she does. Adam insists that they should all play one day and Sav thinks he should just stick with being truthful instead of sneaking around, and Eli agrees. At Clare's house Alli gives pregnancy advice to Jenna, and dresses herself up all sexy like. While, there, he tries to fight her to make out with him, and she fights away, he tells her that that's what they do in the boiler room. Torres admits that she's scared Adam will start hurting himself again and Adam denies doing it in a long time.
Alli also learns that Clare is having a lot of drama with Eli and Fitz, and her and Jenna try to help her. At the dance, Drew learns that him and Alli are crowned King and Queen, but he doesn't know where she is. While Alli was at Clare's, Drew doesn't know what to do, and goes back in the school, he starts to go to the Boiler Room where Bianca is waiting. He learns from someone that she is in the boiler room with Owen, and he goes there just in time to make Owen back off of Alli, and asks if she's okay. She is there outside the door, and is waiting for him, she grabs his hand and undoes his belt, he hesitates before going in but then does. Not knowing that the lockdown is going on, Drew and Adam's mom doesn't know where Drew is and asks Adam, Adam says the boiler room with Alli. Adam suddenly appears, dressed as "Gracie." Everyone, aside from the unknowing Grams, is shocked. Grams gives "Gracie" a questioning look and "Gracie" says that she's taking ballroom dancing class. After class, "Gracie" is sitting outside, lighting a hair clip with a lighter and burning himself when Clare walks by and sees what "Gracie" is doing. Clare comforts her and says that she doesn't have to be Gracie if it doesn't make her happy.
Adam, dressed as a guy, gets into his mother's car and asks what they see: a girl or a boy. Torres hands Adam a picture of a young Gracie holding a book and Adam is reluctant to burn it, saying that it's still him.

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