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Whether we are out to eat with our kids, or at home, we all sometimes need a way to kickstart the family conversations. Once, our six year old, trying to redeem himself, busted out with a gem, “So, Mommy, how was your day? Well, today I’d like to help you turn those mealtimes into lasting memories by making them more fun and enjoyable with the Table Talk Family Dinner Conversation Starters cards. The set includes 8 different retro, kitchen-inspired designs, with 12 cards for each design.

You can choose to print your cards with the design on the back or just print out the front of the cards.
Table Talk: Family Dinner Conversation Starters CardsThis set of downloadable, printable cards contains 96 cards - 64 conversation starters cards & 34 blank cards so you can make up your own questions that are unique to your own family. Not only do I completely love this concept, but the fonts, colours, and overall design of these printables are killer! And then before you know it, the plates will be clean and you will all feel a little bit closer.

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