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I think I walked more miles this weekend than Aretha Franklin has hits (which, if we're counting is 88 and then maybe I didn't walk that many, but it was close.) On Friday Michael and I went out to celebrate after the radio interview. Saturday we invited over my parents and Michael's mom and grandmother to the Dallas Arboretum.
We decided to eat close by and at a Dallas classic, The Mecca, which has been around since 1938! Michael and I planned to just hang out at home, but then we thought it might be fun to go to some classic Dallas places we've never been to before. It's a drive in and people come from all over for the cheap fried food, beer, and to show off their ride. Don't post on your instagram too often, space it out by at least a few hours if not a whole day. Re- runs of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Full House, and Boy Meets World are always a good idea. For someone who likes to claim she lives a very fun, carefree life, I get upset about the smallest of things. Here's the problem with opinions: when you let them break you down or get to the point where you're attacking others, it can really bother you.
My situation was extremely unique, but even so, he doesn't know me, yet he assumes I'm dumb. How ridiculous is it that people will actually believe EVERYTHING they see on the internet? You might remember this picture from THIS POST when the guy at the hair salon dyed my hair way too dark and I was so upset I took a selfie mid cry. What I find interesting today is that with so much information out there, we simply take what suits us and toss out anything that doesn't. Friday morning I woke up and showered off a layer of my self tanner I put on the night before.
With the bachelorette in tow, we arrived at the Bellagio and marveled at the ceiling made of glass flower sculptures and the strong scent of cigarettes wafted in the air. Our first order of business was eating of course, so we strolled over to Caesar's Palace (does Caesar actually live here?) and ate at Serendipty 3. Back to our home for the weekend, we glammed up a little in the hotel room and then ate at La Cave, inside the Wynn. I enjoyed just walking up and down the street taking in the sights: the fake Eiffel Tower, the Bellagio water fountains set to music, all of it.
He might have been performing in Vegas as a little older, and fatter version of himself, but he was still the King.
Since the culture first gained popularity in the 70s and 80s, many sub-genres have sprouted from it, ranging from the outrageous to the relatively tame looks you saw in the before & after photographs above.
The O-Gyarus are generally anti-washing and hate spending on the upkeep of their looks so much so that they tend to stay indoors all day in their pyjamas and only venture out clubbing at night. It might not be surprising that these kinds of Gyarus are very often unemployed and considered lazy by Japanese society. Hime Gyarus dropped the fake tans and the panda eyes but they have dress etiquettes that are just as strict. Neutrals, pastel pinks must be worn and eye make-up is applied to make the eyes look as big and doll-like as possible. Other off-shoots of Hime Gyaru include the Himejakki, still very princess and doll-like but style rules are more relaxed and the look is wearable on a daily basis. Let’s take a minute here to note the fact that gyaru make-up looks distinctly inhuman and  cartoon-ish– especially the eyes. Cosmetic contact lenses are used en masse amongst Gyarus to change natural eye-colour and enlarge the pupils and iris.

But a Gyaru girl would never post a picture of herself on the internet without the finishing touch. In fact, Japanese malls conveniently provide what is known as purikura (sticker picture machines).
This Gyaru obsession with rejecting their oriental features and adopting a westernized look has extended across Asia. Another doctor said of the surgery boom that it was causing young women to all look increasingly alike. While reading this article, you may have realized how much some of the women look uncomfortably like children with their photoshopped flawless skin, wide-eyes and girly accessories. And with their naturally straighter body frame, the Japanese Gyarus are able to pull off this child-like aesthetic better than most western women could. The Kogal Gyaru, another sub-genre, sexualise their school uniform by knotting their shirts in front or raising the hemline of their skirts.
We all have bad hair days, whether its uncooperative hairlines or one too many rounds with the hair curler, most of us would rather just stay the f**k indoors. At the rate computer technology is advancing, photographer Mark Richards' collection of computers are indeed historical. If you don't think that pic is sexy, then, to paraphrase one of my favorite Youtube personalities, Moppix, you like it up the butt.
It's a 66 acre botanical garden and right now, they have the "Dallas Blooms" and the entire place is covered with cherry blossom trees and tulips in every color imaginable. It feels like you just stepped into what the good old days were like, people sitting in their pick ups drinking milkshakes and eating burgers.
Michael and I met up with some friends at The Truck Yard, an outdoor bar filled with kitschy decor and a truck bed you can sit on for a bench. She'll sometimes send me snapchats of herself with a frown on her face with the text displayed "studying never ends ahhh." The next snapchat will be a few hours later and she's at "T-shirt night" with bunch of red cups in the background. She'll tell me about some band I've never heard of that she's going to see and she'll be wearing the newest trend, because she's 19 and can pull off basically anything. I was in a group text with both my sisters this morning to let them know I'll be on the Alan Colmes radio show (tonight at 6pm central time if you're interested) and I have an interview with Buzzfeed today.
It's not rational and deep down I know it's probably not true, but I still think about it. He constantly comes up with sketches on his show that aren't entirely true, they go viral, and then on his show he basically yells "gotcha!". Several of the comments on the fake political poster using my face, criticized "young people who just think they have it so tough. It's Vegas and I needed to not look as ghostly pale as I am, so a slight hint of orange will do. We are outdoors in what looked like a Pepto Bismal pink and orange circus tent where we ate our weight in frozen Khalua hot chocolates. It was a great spectacle with confetti, streamers, and lights- I was in my dance music happy place. They went to a show, Absinthe (which they said was hilarious and super fun circus type show.) I didn't buy tickets beforehand so when we started to walk to the venue I realized I left my phone in the room. This is one of my favorite tracks of hers, it's upbeat, flashy and constantly moving, just like Vegas.
He just knows how to get the party started and I fully intend on jumping up and down when I see him live!
There are now hundreds of these before and after photos online and they are to say the least, astonishing. They love big wide-eyed make-up, sparkles, pastels, nail art and other cutesy girly things.

With the Gyaru subculture placing a big emphasis on being all things toy-like and cute, you don’t have to look very far to see that the influence of this style of make-up comes from actual Japanese cartoons. Yep, in case you were unsure, you can be certain that all those before & after make-up pictures creating a buzz on the internet are not without a healthy dose of our old friend Photoshop. Socks are essential - they are kept very long, loose and floppy, so they fold on the legs and over the shoes.
A subculture of women rebelling against their asian heritage in favor of looking like cute, westernized, sexualized cartoon children. I haven't yet listened back to what I said, I'm a little weird-ed out by hearing my own voice. After our fill of chicken fried chicken and home made onion rings we worked off some of the calories on the tennis court. In the back are where the old fancy cars line up and on the right the motorcycles hang out. But first, we hit up Trader Joe's since we have never been there before (I know, we were missing out) and tasted the famous cookie butter. This restaurant is full of patio tables and two sandpits: one for dogs and kids (or adult children) and plenty of frozen margaritas. I've put together a list of songs that make me feel like Vegas- the glitz, the glam, and the craziness. Plus she's wearing wigs throughout the whole video and in some sparkly get up I would imagine she would wear at one of her Vegas shows. Could this be the Gyarus trying to communicate their rejection of an animal symbolic to the orient and their heritage? After waiting in line to get into the yard, we grabbed a glass of Frozen trash can punch and a seat outside. When the "right wing conservative meme" was discovered I commented on the picture, and the response from one guy in particular was both rude and sexist.
It seems that as a society, we're blasting out information without too much concern as to whether it's wrong, right or even misspelled. After spending some time at the VIP lounge and shocking an Australian that I was in fact, married, we called it quits. Whether you're dancing on a table in a club, losing all your friends, or just walking the strip these should get you in the mood.
They have to be blonde, in order to distance themselves visually from ordinary japanese girls - and honey blonde hair seems preferable to an intentionally fake-looking brassy blonde.
Further primping involves giving the hair body with extensions, curling tongs and brushing. But instead of me staring at the computer screen and crying over it, I really started to laugh.
Most of the emails were from people I didn't know, and all focused on the same topic: Did you know you're a meme? Who cares if the sobbing girl in the picture is actually upset over a botched hair job, and not crying over "big bad" Obama's Affordable Care Act? To western eyes, Kogyaru fashion seems a strange mix of American prep and Japanese schoolgirl moe.
But when it twists the truth just to confuse and misinform, it makes you realize that much of what is out there isn't true.
What's more disturbing is when your face or name is associated with something you don't believe in, and there's really not a whole lot you can do about it.

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