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There is such thing as a slim, attractive "apple" shaped woman--as long as the woman keeps herself fit and toned she will never get that round look.
I am pear shape not much on the top but what I don't have upstairs I make up for it in the booty.
I'll quote my friend when she read what u said 'Her butt is so big it's almost comical, like a cartoon.
You can argue your point of view all you want, but evolution has determined for us what is 'sexy' not Cosmo or Calvin Klein. Whatever sex is like for god, he must have had some great stuff the night before creating these two.
Eat more protein rich foods such as salmon, tuna, chicken breast, walnuts, lean meats, seeds.  How about protein supplement?  Not really.  Read this article Do We Really Need To Take Protein Supplement To Build Muscle? Eat more often with at least 5 to 6 meals a day.  Dividing few large meals into more smaller meals is actually a good eating habit as you give the sense of fullness to your stomach without the bloating feeling. Ladies, do not be afraid of weight training as women will not be able to build bulky muscles due to the difference of hormone in your body compared to guys.  Jessica Biel, Merisa Miller, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna work out with weights in gym and they all have nice toned muscles. At the end of the day, to gain weight, your total caloric requirement has to be more than what you use.  All the best!
Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! A simpler movement than the normal squats is the leg press where you are in a seating position thereby  using fewer set of muscles. If you want to do a more critical exercise than the barbell lunge, you can opt to do barbell squats. With weight-lifting and body-building, your goal should not only be to look good and get the attention of your crush. What it essentially means is that you TEND to gain weight in your stomach, not your legs or hips. I live in iran and I comments on persian fitness sites as well .story over there is totally different. You as a female may not find it attractive, but I would argue that the vast majority of the male population does.

This is the 1st time I have said this, but I think I'll aim for what I like as opposed to what men like. Others are thin because they do not have the appetite to eat.  Some elderly people are underweight because of the gradual loss of taste and smell causing them to lose appetite.
Go for starchy ones like rice, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, beets and corn which give you extra calories.  As for fruits, choose dense fruits like bananas, pears, apples and pineapple over watery fruit (oranges, watermelon, berries).
Do not drink sugary sodas, which only add calories without nutrition.  Avoid coffee because caffeine is stimulant that help increasing metabolism, which something you do not want. I’m also considering to incorporate HIIT cardio training in between weight training day, is that fine? Women who are sports and fitness-oriented also think that they will look sexier when they go body-building.
Before doing this exercise, you should be able to stretch your hamstrings as a warm-up procedure to avoid getting delayed onset muscle soreness. However if you have pain and problematic shoulders, you can forget about the dip as you can be inflicted with further injury.
Try carrying your dead-weight first by performing push ups in many ways with your open palm, closed palm and fingers. In contrast to squats, this workout would not involve much of your back muscles and abs though it still targets the quads with a heavy load.
With each lunge, you get a hold of the barbell where you separate your legs fully—with one forward and the other at the back. But since you know that your knees have a higher tendency to be injured, prepare yourself by doing stationary stretches and a few runs.
In the same way, you should think about promoting your overall body and muscle growth for health and fitness reasons.
For sure, the muscle in the hamstrings will be affected largely as there is tension placed in the dead lifts.
When you do this exercise, you are pressing your weight from your shoulders to above your head.
If you can already manage to push yourself up and down the floor, then you can go to the next level by pulling yourself up.

If you are already doing squats in your homes, you’ll see the leg presses are easier and safer as a practice.
As this mostly hits on your upper body weight, the spine is less affected as well and your knees are safer as compared to doing squats. When doing squats, the proper position is to move your knees only inside the area where your toes lie. He comes from a family of health care practitioners including a medical doctor, OB Nurse and Nurse Midwife. With the proper training, proper set of exercises and the right discipline, you too can have your dream body. These barbell culls target the biceps directly unlike other curls such as the supinated bent rows, chin ups and cable curls. Ask a coach or a weight-lifting instructor on the proper way to reduce the stress on your torso and make sure that the bar won’t go below your knees. When done repeatedly especially, the dip will enhance your chest muscles as well and your back rhomboids. In this way, you are like locking the compounded weight that would also impact the upper chest muscles and triceps.
People frequently enquire about the workouts and natural protein rich foods to build their muscle.
You can be standing or sitting, whichever you’re more comfortable with, while performing this muscle-building act. Luther is confident in providing the correct diagnosis, treating your problem or referring to the correct specialist.
In this article, we will talk about 8 faster muscle building exercises to improve your body tone.
The steps are easy as you only have to bend your elbows up and down without maneuvering your body and torso.

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