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There is no question that you look better with your hair and makeup done than you do without it. In any case, although cosmetics give you an undeniable advantage when it comes to controlling your appearance, they come with the burden of deciding when and where their use is appropriate.
If this seems unfair, remember the analogy between confidence and beauty: you taking a break from being beautiful for him is like him taking a break from being strong and confident for you. Without unconditional self-love, nothing else on earth can wipe off the stain of insecurity. Anger is a manifestation of a deeper issue…and that, for me, is based on insecurity, self-esteem and loneliness. Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Becoming the new feminine ideal requires just the right combination of insecurity, exercise, bulimia and surgery.
So I have very thin and pin straight hair, it will hardly hold a curl or hairstyle… makes life a little boring! The little link style required no glue, and lasted about 2 months~  at the end of the 2nd month the root  of my hair would get really knotted up though, so when It came time to remove the links (you can do it yourself with pliers and just pinch the metal piece open)  I would have to spend a whole day brushing out knots and conditioning my hair to make nice-nice with it.
Although some people get them on the top of the head, most have them hidden under layers of their actual hair, like many other types of extensions and clip-ins.  This photo is a very good example of how it looks on the scalp ~nice little braids in rows.
The whole process takes around 2-4 hours depending on the skill of the stylist and how many are working on your head.  My favotire places have several working on you at once~ if just ONE person braids they get really tired after an hour and it drags on even longer!
This extension technique is common in Japan and the main one used to attach hair here in Korea, however so far (in Korea) I have had very inconsistent braiding done. The photo on the right is the worst one I have had done in Korea at a salon I found online that are not worth mentioning by name~ the stylist knew how to do it and taught 2 young assistants and the salon ajuma how to do it on the spot…. This was also the most expensive job I had in Korea… expensive here does not always mean quality sadly. For me 18″ was VERY normal medium length and not worth the effort and cost~ I was kinda unhappy with that length.
Korea sells its hair by the inch or cm… they use cm here, but I think because the hair is often imported with inches on the bags some places do ask what inch you want.  Have both in mind before you go, or ask them to show you the hair length so you can see where it falls! If you live in the states, most salons will have a full range of colors and textures~ however since everyone has dark hair in Asia your options can be a liiiiittle different! My hair is thin, but I want to make it thicker so I opt for 100+ grams normally depending on what the salon says. So most salons in Korea and in Japan (that I have found) will remove the braids for a small cost, compared to the cost of the braids it is small… but its always enough money (maybe $30-$40) that I just opt to remove myself + I have a slave boyfriend to help me out of annoyance love.
Once the elastic is done I move in with my hook pick, which is actually one of those teeth scrapers that you can buy at the drugstore.  I slide it into the braid and gently pick and lightly pull to loosen the braid (which will be quite tight still since it has been in place so long and may have some old product on it).  Once it is loose or begins to pull downward, you should be able to take a hold of just the extension and pull down to slide it away from the natural hair! Do not freak out if lots of hair comes out when you brush,many strands of hair fall out each day naturally~ but you had it braided into place for weeks so you are just seeing an accumulation of that. After removal, I spend good hour in the shower treating my hair and brushing it free of all kinks.
When it is time to say goodbye to the hair you will know.  Either the braid will be too far from your head and not look as nice, or the hair will just start to look a little ratty even with extra care. I will be happy to do posts later on care and location reviews here in Korea + Japan if people are interested.  If you know of a good place to get this done in Korea please do contact me, I am still on the hunt for my perfect go-to place here! The last few times I did it in japan, then I had a darker color in that I had to lighten myself ugh, and the latest time I bought hair online on ebay and just had them put it in. So answer your question, I only started using the tony moly recently so I can not say for sure, but the strawberry I bought before seems to match my current hair now (its a nice blonde with a slight bit of orange so it works perfect for bleached hair lol). I did a test strand with Tony Moly – they have an ash blonde color and milky blonde color.
Anyway- to summarize, to go blonde in Korea, I diy’ed and failed, went to Hair n Joy to fix it.
I found a few places in Edae recently that said they can order blonde and do other color extensions… but lol, I am going to tokyo on Tues so I am just going to get it at my usual place in Shibuya since it is so flipping cheap and easy with every blonde under the sun.

When I went into Hair n Joy, I was neon yellow in certain spots but had already bleached 2x, so didn’t want to go the third round on my own. I once diy my own, were I took the extensions which are on a row (clip in) cut them and then got my mum to bend the top and inch or so down and braid that into my hair and then secure it with and elastic band. This braid method is one of the most popular (if not main, although I know a few places that do use the bonding method) in Japan and Korea ?? Hope that helps! The hair needs to be loose so if you did buy those you would have to trim the keratin tips off which could waste a bit. This blog has me really interested and when I go to Japan at the end of next month, I want to give it a try.
Chon (??) (by Hongdae- my spelling may be atrocious lol) — but do you really prefer the pinch braids to the micro rings?
Hi April~ oh awesome, if you have a name or phone number to share I am sure others will be interested! In January 1970, the feminist movement had already begun to drum up support for an Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Behold, "Things To Do With Your Hands That Men Like." Published in the magazine's January 1970 issue, this is undoubtedly one of the greatest (and most hilarious) gifts the publication has bestowed upon the fairer sex.
BRB, we'll just be awaiting nightfall so we can crawl through our man's window and plant a perfumed scarf under his pillow so he dreams nicely-scented dreams of our life together -- until he wakes up and "direct-dials" the police. Smosh is the home of the best funny videos, games, photos, memes, blogs and galleries online.
If all that isn't enough, our friends are serving you free movies in HD for your viewing pleasure. The following points explain what men think about seeing you done up or in your natural state, so that you can better choose between the two when that decision proves difficult. He is going to see you without makeup eventually, so don’t make inordinate attempts to avoid being seen bare-faced after the first few dates.
She takes great pleasure in adorning herself and amplifying her internal beauty via her external beauty.
I was interested to try this method since I loved the links, but this braid version claimed to be even better for your hair and knot less!
They can vary in thickness, the thicker they are the more obvious they can appear though, so you want to find a place that will make them the proper amount for your head! The left is from Demon Hair in Edae, a very popular salon for extensions… however I found the braids too fat and only had one person doing my whole head so it took forever. Hair longer than 26″ often does not look as nice (depending on the supplier) and the quality can go down the longer you buy, so do keep that in mind! I would say opt for a little longer always because often the hair looks a little shaggy like you need a haircut once the braids are all attached, so leaving a little extra to trim will give you a nice clean cut + not jip you out of any final length. The snipping of elastic is a little tricky, so this is the part I have a friend help me with because it is WAY faster to have someone else snip all the bands for you.
This part can take a few hours… so I usually do it in front of the tv and watch two movies while I pick and loosen the braids out. Feels really good to run your hand through your hair again after so long with the braids, so just make a relaxing evening out of it. It will also start knotting up VERY easily, towards the end of my 2nd month I have to always keep a brush on hand to give a quick brush every so often if I am on the go or its getting blown around a lot. I was doing a search to find out how much I should charge to do pinch braids and came across your blog.
And in your post you have a picture of some strawberry blonde hair… does it match the hair dye from Tony Moly? It cost me about 80 for the procedure and I bought weft hair from Dongdaemun for around 50. Yeah I have never used the Tony color AFTER bleach, just with my color and to lighten~ if you see my current pictures on blogs it took two boxes now to get it that light + hairdryer all over~ I think it more of a sunny orange blonde though. I refused to go because they quoted me at like 380,000 won to touch up my roots and fix up my color a bit….

It’s purple shampoo that helps balance out the yellowness which has been creeping on me. Honestly after having both I really prefer the braids over the rings~ you know how after the first month they always seem to knot up close to your scalp? See the funniest YouTube videos, pictures and images online or chat with Smosh readers in our online forums.
By inordinate I mean things like canceling a date because you won’t have time to do your hair perfectly, or completely avoiding a hike with him because full makeup and hair would be inappropriate. There is a misconception among some women that as a relationship develops, a man becomes either (a) less turned on by seeing you done up, or (b) more turned on by seeing you in your natural state. Men understand that you aren’t going to be as beautiful without your makeup on and hair done.
I find that they do not need to be extremely small to get the job done and look natural though… some places make them so tiny, but it seems like a lot of extra work when the result with sizes like the photo above look just fine. It’s where you braid or corn toll your hair or parts of it and take loose hair using a crocheting needle and thread it under the braid then knot itlooks so natural and you can have as much leave out as you want. Korea’s water must have some miinerals or something that is turning my blonde hair brassy. Apparently all you need to do is offer them free egg shampoos as you brush their faces with your face-blusher brush and, afterward, make a manwich out of them with two pillows.
The attractiveness of your confidence is much more important than whatever advantage you sacrifice by occasionally being seen without makeup. While there is a certain attraction to being n0ked with a woman who bares her whole self to you, most of the time a man wants to be sleeping with the hottest woman he can. I can only do bleaching once~ last time I did it twice in one go it killed my hair (still growing out the damage) but I have very thin hair so could just be a me issue.
Initial experiences leave an impression on the mind much deeper than most of those that follow; this is simply the way the human brain works.
Spending time to make yourself look your best is normal, not inordinate; so err on the side of doing this more frequently rather than less. Again, remember the analogy between confidence and beauty, and consider how you’d feel if your normally confident man man turned into a weak pushover in the sack.
Don’t use this as an excuse to ignore point #3, but allow it to help you if you struggle with point #5. Yes, there are some women who get more benefit from makeup than others, and it is possible for a man to be surprised by how much less attractive a girl looks without it. Thankfully extensions ( ???? meaning “attached hair”) are very common and easy to get in Korea, especially pinch braids!
No glue and she is lightning fast for one lady~ but they do knot up quite a bit after a month or so.
So far I have paid 200000 to 300000 won for a full head here, however edae does run sales on brown and black.
I bet it was so bright because you maybe needed some proper toner in it after stripping it VS bleach and color like in the tony moly box… I remember mine almost glowed when I first went blonde 3 years ago with double bleaching before I got a nice bottle of toner to make it a real blond vs neon *__* If you need some treatments lots of the salons here have hair repair things after bleaching they can do for you~ I think I paid about 80,000 for a hydration treatment 2-3 times last year at podo mall that works very well. Senate hearings parading male doctor after male doctor across the dais to explain risks of "the Pill" -- and infuriate women in the audience -- sparked government regulations to ensure informed consent. Just beware that there is an upper limit to the benefit of added effort, since he will see you without makeup eventually. And Cosmopolitan magazine published a listicle on using our dainty lady digits in stupidly bizarre sultry and sexy ways.

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