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Credited with virtually inventing rock & roll, the tunes of Leiber and Stoller provide the basis for an electrifying entertainment that illuminates a golden age of American culture in Tacoma Little Theatre’s production of “Smokey Joe’s Cafe,” Broadway’s longest running musical revue, directed by Micheal O’Hara, musically directed by Terry O’Hara, and choreographed by Eric Clausell. May 20 saw the opening of Tacoma Musical Playhouse’s “The Wiz,” the penultimate main stage production of TMP’s 22nd Season. ARSENIO DATE MOVED The date for Arsenio Hall's upcoming appearance at the Pantages Theatre has been moved.
Although all ages are represented, the audience of Tacoma Musical Playhouse (TMP) is decidedly weighted toward the over-40 age set, an age group not necessarily noted for libertine attitudes when it comes to issues of human nudity. Beatrice Gellera??s inkjet prints now on exhibit at the Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) gallery at Ingram Hall are meant to be studied rather than just looked at. With fluid colors and deep landscapes, Gary LaTurnera??s artwork, now on display at Two Vaults Gallery, is not to be missed. Chas Martena??s love affair with cars began when he was a teenager attending Lincoln High School. From the son of a preacher to a rising country star, Jason Michael Carroll is somebody to keep your eye on, according to Karen LaFlamme, spokesperson for the Puyallup Spring Fair.
The organizers of the Tacoma Jazz and Blues Festival want people to stick around after the annual Grand Floral Daffodil Parade April 21 for jazz and blues performances, street performers, a car show and food.
April 14 saw the opening of the latest offering by Tacomaa??s William Traver Gallery, a pair of solo exhibits by some of the regiona??s finest practitioners of the medium of glass. People might feel like they can get away with violating a traffic law or cheating on their taxes, but God and His laws work much differently.
Answer: A Yes, God knows each one of us (every person on earth) better than we know ourselves. Answer: A Because there is only one narrow path that leads to godlikeness, and thus to His kingdom. Answer: A God permits disobedience and sin to continue until all people everywhere are at last fully convinced of God's justice, love, and mercy.
Answer: A If I have had no opportunity to learn a certain Bible truth, God does not hold me accountable. Jesus says that He will call them to His true way, and His true sheep will hear and follow (John 10:16, 27). In an idealized 50’s setting, the classic themes of love won, lost and imagined blend with slice-of-life emotions. Organizers at Broadway Center say the original June 4 date had to be rescheduled to accommodate Hall's duties as co-host of ABC-TV's “Greatest Hits” with Kelsea Ballerini.
LaTurner has always been an artist, ever since he was 6 years old and won an art contest for his drawing of a rooster.
Thata??s the feeling after watching Seattle Childrena??s Theatrea??s (SCT) current production of a??Addy: An American Girl Story.a??

Believe it or not, there was a time when the genre served as more than a bullhorn for androgynous hipsters sporting $100 haircuts to whine into. God sees everything we do, hears everything we say, and He really does care about how we behave. All will finally realize that God, by requiring obedience, is not trying to force His will upon us, but rather is trying to keep us from hurting and destroying ourselves. He promises to keep me from error and lead me safely to all truth if I: (1) pray earnestly for guidance, (2) sincerely study God's Word, and (3) follow truth as soon as I am shown.
But the Bible teaches that I am responsible to God for all the light (knowledge of right) I have and all I can have! Satan, in order to make God's requests appear unreasonable, invented the falsehood that obedience is impossible. We must give God credit for being wise enough to require some things of us we may not understand. He knows that all disobedience is sin and that sin brings unhappiness, tragedy, alienation from God, and eventual destruction.
He promises that just as He worked a miracle to bring us the new birth, He will also continue to work needed miracles in our lives (as we gladly follow Him) until we are safe in His kingdom.
Matthew 7:21-23 makes it clear that many who prophesy, cast out devils, and do many wonderful works in Christ's name will be lost but will think they are saved.
With nearly 40 of the greatest songs ever recorded, “Smokey Joe’s Cafe” isn’t just great pop music – it’s compelling musical theatre. During opening night April 13, it was a packed theater as the audience watched a popular book series come to life.
While the Lord offers forgiveness for our sins, there still are deadly consequences for breaking God's law.
The Bible is the map and guidebook with full instructions, warnings, and information on how to safely reach that kingdom.
The sin problem is not settled until even the most cynical and hardened sinners are convinced of God's love and confess that He is just.
This being true, surely it is high time to abandon all fuzziness regarding what is right or wrong. It seems so harmless to wait, but the Bible teaches that unless a person acts immediately upon light, it quickly turns to darkness.
When a person knowingly rejects light and continues in disobedience, the light eventually goes out, and he is left in total darkness. The Bible is speaking here not of one single act or sin but of a presumptuous continuation in sin and a refusal to surrender to Christ after one knows better. Frank Baum’s 1900 novel, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.” TMP’s production is noteworthy for its spectacular stage sets and numerous ensemble scenes in which the cast are decked out in colorful, fantastic costumes that delight the eye – hats off to costume manager Jocelyne Fowler.

God does not promise eternal life to those who merely make a profession of faith or are church members or are baptized, but rather to those who do His will, which is revealed in Scripture. It will take perhaps a major catastrophe or worse to convince some, but the horrible results of sinful living will finally convince all that God is just and right.
People had better stop letting their own foolish whims and egotistical notions guide them and pay attention to God's great book. Of this group, only two (Caleb and Joshua) fully followed the Lord, and they alone entered Canaan.
Obstacles to obedience are not removed while we stand and wait; instead, they usually increase in size.
No child will fully obey his parents unless he loves them, nor will he love his parents if he does not obey. Simple faith and trust in God will cause us to believe that He knows what is best for us and will never lead us in any wrong path.
Those who refuse to obey God will end up believing a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:11, 12) and thus think they are saved when instead they are lost. June tickets will be honored for the new date, but the Box Office is also in the process of reaching out to ticket holders to give them the option of getting a refund.
It is folly for us, in our ignorance, to question God's leadership, even when we may not fully understand all His reasons. People who won't accept the plain teachings of the Bible would not be convinced by a sign either. Freedom without obedience is like the false freedom of the drifting balloon or the driverless car. If the Bible had not been given, people would sooner or later have discovered (by trial and error) that the great principles of the Bible exist and are true. You have the option to make your title appear any way you like and can do so quickly using Microsoft Expression.
So the words of the Bible are not merely advice which we can accept or ignore without consequences. A person cannot live any way he wishes and still become godlike any more than a builder can ignore the blueprints for a house without running into trouble.
For instance, if you have a stand-alone HTML document that you need to update, press “Ctrl-O” to view your computer’s files, and double-click a Web page to open it. Click the “Code” tab to switch to Code view, scroll to the top of the HTML code and find the tag.

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