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Wow, these are probably the most accurate results I've ever gotten from any online quiz, ever. You are "Welcome to the Caribbean, love."You're more than a little world-weary, but alsointelligent and you keep your head when thingsget dodgy. If *I* had been on that island with Captain Jack, we would have been making babies, not burning rum. Annie of "Annie Waits"Frightened to death at the prospect of being alonefor the rest of your life, you're desperate andready to please whoever will have you.
After seeing Ben Folds open for Tori Amos, and realzing how amazing he is live, I'm on a bit of a Ben kick.
You are most likely to be the VampireRecluse!The Recluse hides from others, and moreimportantly, itself.

You wear funny clothes 'cause youlive in the Victorian times, but that doesn'tstop you from looking sexy.
You own everyalbum and most, if not all, of the singles.You have seen Tori in concert several times andshow no signs of stopping. If you haven't been exposed to this genius before, then go get your hands on his "Dress To Kill" DVD now!! You callyourself'small,obscure,plain,and little', yetyou have a kind heart despite your rough life.Youe even start to become happy at your job asgoverness and even fall in love. I think I should just write plays instead of stories, because my stories end up being mostly dialogue and characterizaton anyway.
Very calm andsweet, you are often the one who asks: What if?With a clever mind, you want to explore theworld on a different level.

Ashamed of what it is andwhat it has become, the recluse feels varyingdegrees of guilt over the thought of having tofeed off the living; usually the recluse hasbecome a vampire against its will, or if avoluntary act, quickly grows to resent thisdecision. I actually started putting in my favorite names in case I could get a hint of what the personalities of my as-yet-unborn children will be like.
Often the recluse's physicalappearance will lack the influence of thevampire charm, instead being replaced in equalby the alluring quality of its heart.Ironically, the recluse is often times a verypowerful vampire, perhaps gaining power fromits own aversion, or perhaps because itspainful clutches to its lost humanitystrengthen it.

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