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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Use ELPAC performance-based, standardized assessments to ensure your students’ Spanish, French, or German language proficiency. Choose from multi-level online assessments in Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking that can be administered individually or as a battery. Developed with input from language teachers and school administrators, ELPAC assessments meet the highest standards for reliability while offering flexibility and ease in delivery.
Developed by researchers and field-tested by teachers, ELPAC online instruments measure second language proficiency in Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking at high school and early college levels. ELPAC content features contextualized tasks that place students in realistic situations where they need to use the target language. The ELPAC battery is an initiative of the Assessment Project at the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) at the University of Minnesota. Reworked and refined based on input from teachers and administrators, the ELPAC battery meets the highest standards for reliability while also providing the ease of use and flexibility teachers need.
Depending on your needs, ELPAC can be administered as a full battery or in the four individual skill areas. Designed for ease of administration at your school’s computer lab, the ELPAC battery provides an engaging and secure assessment process while meeting the highest standards of reliability.
The online format of the ELPAC instruments allows you to assess language skills in the most direct manner possible while ensuring practicality of administration and scoring.
Reading and Listening assessments provide immediate, automatic scoring for both the student and teacher. Whether you need to test an individual student or a group, ELPAC assessments can be administered as a battery, singly, or in any combination of the four individual skill areas.
ELPAC assessments feature contextualized tasks that place students in realistic situations where they need to use the target language. Here you will find answers here to frequently asked questions about our language proficiency assessments. ELPAC is an acronym for EMC Language Proficiency Assessments by CARLA, a battery of high-quality, proficiency-based second language assessment tools for Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. The system needs Firefox or Safari, FLASH 9 or above, and the URL of the online ELPAC must be enabled or white listed so a Firewall will allow access. The Writing, Reading, and Listening assessments all allow 50 minutes for the students to finish, providing time for each segment in the Listening assessment to be heard twice.
Grading rubrics are accessible online while you review your students’ responses to the test questions. Assessment items and activities focus on realistic situations and general topics, requiring students to use specific language skills. The Speaking Proficiency Assessment is designed to determine if students are proficient at the Intermediate-Low level of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for the purposes of articulation and fulfilling language study requirements. The Writing Proficiency Assessment was developed for the purpose of certifying the second language proficiency of secondary and post-secondary students. The Intermediate-High level for Reading and Listening is appropriate at the end of two years of post-secondary language study or the equivalent.
The volume for the audio samples can be controlled with the volume button on the left side of the audio player.
Microsoft® Office 2010 is required to run the SNAP 2010 Skill Exams, Performance Evaluations and Document Assessments. NOTE:  Office Web Apps, the Microsoft Office 2010 browser-based application is not supported by SNAP. Disclaimers:  While every effort will be made to support future browser platforms and computer operating systems, Paradigm Publishing cannot guarantee future compatibility. EMC’s Guide to AP Literature series provides teacher and student editions for each literary work. Each accompanying Student Edition is a workbook that provides sample multiple-choice questions and both types of free-response questions (analysis essay questions and open-response prompts), simulating the actual questions students will encounter on the AP examination. A Guide to Microsoft Office 2013 teaches your students the fundamentals of the Office suite using real business documentation for practice.
Projects include preparing business letters, brochures, newsletters, blogs, PDF documents, invoices, pivot tables, inventory databases, and business presentations. Review questions and exercises reinforce new concepts, offer practice in critical-thinking, and present opportunities to conduct integrated and collaborative research.

OverviewBuild up your students' vocabulary the easy way with colorful illustrations, useful everyday topics, and engaging activities on an interactive CD. Package includes book (204 pages) with 2 Interactive CDs (one CD for Simplified and one CD for Traditional). A pop up will appear where you can edit the media name or delete the media item altogether.
When you create a new task, you will be taken to the Avenue Task Builder where you will add all of the components to creating a task for your students. You can set a due date for the entire class by clicking on the icon at the bottom, or individually set due dates by selecting the calendar icon next to each student’s name. Saving the task by clicking on the checkmark icon will automatically notify your students that they have a task that is due.
To copy a task, select the task you’d like to make a duplicate of and click on the copy icon. Finally, if you have no use for a task and want to remove it from your task library, simply select the trash icon and it’s gone!
Once you select the task, you will be taken to the feedback screen where you can view the student’s performance and provide assessments. The interactive visualization tool in Avenue displays student performance and progress in an informational graph. The graph will display and you can compare and contrast individual student data with an entire class. OverviewThe study of human anatomy and physiology is about more than just memorizing body parts and functions. Immediately captures students’ attention and interest with a “Case Study Investigation” at the beginning of each chapter that presents a brief medical mystery involving the body system to be studied. Organizes chapter content into short sessions that end with questions to quickly assess students’ comprehension. Stimulating sidebars stress the importance of health workers’ civic responsibility, strong ethics, and an awareness of related medical research. End-of-chapter activities address critical thinking, practical application, comprehension, and Internet research.
Currently available for Spanish, French, and German, the ELPAC battery is fully aligned with guidelines of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Practice items, easy-to-use formats, and lively graphics help students feel at ease and ready to show what they can do with the language. In developing, revising, and producing the instruments, researchers worked in close collaboration with faculty and staff at the University of Minnesota as well as the state’s K-16 language teachers. Access to ELPAC is granted using your computer lab’s IP address along with the timeframe for testing. Writing and Speaking assessments are graded by the teacher using online guidelines and examples (link to Rater Training Modules) to ensure consistent evaluation.
Assessments are currently available for Spanish, French, and German at two levels on the scale outlined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The Speaking assessment allows 27 minutes for students to respond to seven, one-minute prompts. ELPAC instruments are designed to assess what students can do with the language they have learned. Individual assessments for Reading, Listening, Writing, or Speaking must be completed within one testing session, but the entire battery should be taken over more than one class period.
This is the minimum target level for students who have completed at least three years of continuous language study at the secondary level, or for post-secondary students who have completed 120 contact hours of language study (or an equivalent combination of secondary and post-secondary instruction).
It measures written proficiency at the Intermediate-Low and Intermediate-Mid levels of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. Also, make sure that FLASH 9 or above is installed and that the URL of your online ELPAC is enabled or white-listed so a Firewall will allow access.
The testing environment for ELPAC assessments should replicate the setting for any other major, standardized test. It lacks most of the features found in the desktop version of Office and will not work properly with SNAP Skill Exams, Performance Evaluations and Document Assessments. In order to install the SNAP Player, this feature must first be enabled using the steps below. EMC’s Guide to AP Literature series provides teachers multiple opportunities to teach students the skills necessary to succeed not only on the AP English Literature and Composition Exam but also in college-level reading, thinking, discussing, and writing about literature.

The practice questions are designed to give students exposure, practice, and confidence prior to taking the exam.
Arranged by most recently created, you can see when the task was last modified and last assigned to your students. If students have been assigned the task but haven’t completed it, the changes you make will update and be reflected in the task.
Copying an already existing task saves you some time if you want to keep the technical components of the task but would like to change the media, for example.
Once your students have completed their assigned task, you will receive an email notification.
Fully comprehending the human body requires a profound understanding of functions, systems and structures, and a practical application of the facts.
Interactive Anatomy dramatically enhances the study of human anatomy, physiology and related topics. The Reading and Listening assessments are auto-graded, while the Writing and Speaking assessments are teacher-graded online with the help of training modules. In addition to assessing student language proficiency, the ELPAC battery can provide important benchmark data for your classroom, school, or district.
The assessments are housed on a secure server, and students cannot re-access the assessments once they have completed them.
Revealing test questions prior to administering the assessment would likely result in inaccurate measures of student proficiency levels.
Allowing students to collaborate would not yield an accurate assessment of the test takers.
In Minnesota, students passing at the Intermediate-Low level are eligible for the Minnesota Department of Education World Language Proficiency Certificate. The Intermediate-Mid level for Writing is appropriate at the end of two years of post-secondary language study or the equivalent. Scores are displayed at the end of the assessments, and you can download scores in spreadsheet form using your school administrator’s site.
In addition to watching students closely, you should instruct students to put away all electronic devices and supplemental materials.
The initial ten titles in the series include those often cited on the exam and studied in high school programs. We’ll walk you through each part of the application and you’ll be using Avenue with ease in no time! Once you’ve completed the recording, stop it, give the video a title and then save it to your library.
Using the navigation bar at the top, you can create customized tasks however way you want it to look.
Applied Anatomy & Physiology is a fresh approach to teaching the fundamental principles and the practical application of those principles to your high school students. Headsets are needed for the Listening assessment, and microphones are needed for the Speaking assessment. If your students have been studying the target language in a classroom that focuses on proficiency, they should be well prepared to complete the assessment tasks. Instead, tasks focus on main points, general meaning, and sequential order, as per ACTFL standards.
Securing the testing environment safeguards the information in the test and ensures an accurate assessment of the students’ abilities. The second edition of Applied Anatomy & Physiology has been updated to address current educational standards and now includes an online interactive tool and an improved Workbook and Laboratory Manual. Interactive Anatomy the perfect resource for EMC’s Applied Anatomy & Physiology: A Case Study Approach, Second Edition! The assessments can also be used across school within the same district to ensure consistent standards.
The assessments can also be used across schools within the same district to ensure consistent standards. It should be noted that time spent looking up vocabulary, grammar, or usage takes away from reading or listening and tends to hurt student performance.

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