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OBJECTIVES FOR TODAY: Students will be assessed regarding their knowledge of the Bill of Rights in America. OBJECTIVES FOR TODAY: Students will practice research and presentation techniques while learning about the history of the manipulation of money in the United States of America.
WORK DAY- MINI-PROJECT: All students will be working on completing their background research today regarding the history of money in the United States and figuring out how to present this timeline in a unique and informative manner.

We will be discussing and WRITING about the implications of this video tomorrow during class. I do not want to hear ANY REPORTS from the substitute that students were not working on their projects or this mini-project will become a research PAPER instead.
Simply copying and pasting information without atttempting to understand it and process it will result in very poor grades.

Now that we know how this process goes, I would like to move MUCH more quickly today, we need to get these done ASAP!

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