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There’s one caveat- These are real relationships, with no strings attached. There’s nothing forced or fake about them. Then there’s the absolute nadir of online relationships- The manipulative, too-enthusiastic approach from a total stranger. It’s understandable that people looking for relationships would naturally encounter the negative side of online relationships more often. On our About the Expert page, you can learn more about the author, including contact information and other posts they've written. Take this fun quiz to find out if you are ready for a relationship or should stay single and just have fun! Some online relationships are absolute disasters, others are triumphs of communication and love. Some online relationships are a bit too public or too much within a group to have a chance to flourish.

Few people fall for this these days, but it still happens, mainly to the people deliberately looking for someone online.
After all, that’s what usually happens when people go looking for relationships in traditional social venues. People in online relationships which have gone sour have got into practically every known possible sort of trouble. An online relationship is based on directly interacting with that person, not a domestic situation or outside work hours dating basis.
It’s important to take a realistic view of any online relationship before you start dating online. There’s no lack of these good quality relationships, whatever else may be said about the perils of online romance. Ironically, they’re also often more honest relationships than the standard “social norms” of people in constant contact in daily life.

Online bullying can create issues where a person is more likely to back off than get into a serious relationship. People can get to know each other on a level which they might never have in “real life” relationships. These are the healthy online relationships, and, not at all coincidentally, they’re also the ones most likely to lead to productive results. There are no peer group issues, usually, which also helps produce a much less stressed relationship.

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