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Kevin Hardcastle, president of the Oklahoma Paint Horse Club and operations manager for Simmons Homes, takes time to familiarize Jewel with her new home.
Kevin Hardcastle introduces Jewel to some of the people who came to watch the final days of filming on the set of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
Jewel heads back to her barn after a day in the spotlight, ready to take on more filming the next day. Gina Circelli takes Jewel on a test ride during APHA’s extensive search for just the right horse for the White Family.

Abigail Jones and her father, Jeff, say goodbye to Jewel on January 26, at the start of a 365-mile journey from Aledo, Texas, to Dewey, Okla.. Jewel seemed to enjoy the ride to her new home, taking a moment from time to time to view the scenery.
Jewel’s beauty, disposition and experience with children helped APHA make the decision to purchase the horse.
She remained calm in the clamor of construction equipment and other vehicles, ranging from fire trucks to bull dozers.

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