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Different ethnic and cultural groups across the globe have their own set of sayings and proverbs. However, it is important to understand that there are proverbs and sayings which go beyond ethnic and community lines. This is because they are regarded one of the best way to promote and maintain good morals among people. Bird of the same feather flock together- This means that people who are like minded and bear similar characteristics always move match in life. The early bird catches the largest worm- Used to mobilize people to be productive in their work in order to acquire huge fortune. A bird at hand is worth thousands in the bush- The saying tries to advise people to treasure what they already have rather than concentrate on what they are yet to achieve. Its better late than never- The saying helps people understand that it is worth trying something than not trying at all. A picture is of great worth than thousands of words- It means that a picture bears more clarity and can be easily understood as compared to a great number of words.

Nothing goes for free- This saying aims at challenging lazy people by telling them that they have to work for them to acquire wealth.
East or west, home is always best- This clearly states that there is no other place you will find better comfort other than your home. Target the best but prepare for the worst too- This saying helps people understand that success is all about chances and risks. Fortune is only for the bold- this means that it takes a lot of courage to get what you want failure to which you will lose. Never judge a book by the appearance of its cover- The saying means that some things may be more than they appear. Two heads are better than one- The proverb means that collective thinking achieves better than when done individually.
Never store eggs in a single basket- When eggs are stored together in a basket, they are bound to collide and break. He who never travels thinks that their mother is the best cook- This clearly states that there are people who are more experienced that you thought.

God assists those who assist themselves- For you to get assistance you will definitely require showing some efforts. Cleanliness follow godliness- this means that being clean is a very valuable virtue which should be observed at all times. A barber does not shave himself- this means that there are some things that you cannot do without assistance from other people. No man is an island- The saying means that every man will require assistance of another at one point. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride on them- means that if everything went as the mind perceives, then no one would be in a bad situation in life. Proverbs and sayings are usually based on real life occurrences hence they are easy to understand and adopt.

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