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The most aggressive sexual display he can make towards the female is the aggressive thumbs-in-belt gesture that highlights his genital region. Did we forget a nonverbal term?  Suggest it in the comment box or e-mail it direct, and we’ll be ecstatic to add it!  With well over 500 terms, the BLP dictionary is growing to be the largest free nonverbal dictionary in the world!  Brought to you exclusively by The Body Language Project!  Visit our homepage for more free learning. Screaming or shouting (a):  When motivated by anger, screaming or shouting says that a person has lost their dignity and resolve and says that a person has lost control. Seated body pointing: Directing torsos, legs, feet, arms, hands and head toward those we are most interested in, or agree with the most. Self-motivating gestures: Gestures that indicate an attempt to create better functioning such as tapping the head, drumming the fingers, the chin or a pen, tapping the keyboard, or making circular motions with the hands. Smells or olfaction or odors: A very powerful area of nonverbal communication that is rarely given the importance it deserves.

Social touching: Touching between friends and family including hand holding, hugging, offering a hand to steady, helping someone with their coat.
Social space zone: A distance of five to twelve feet which we employ as a buffer between people we interact with for everyday relationships that we do not know well.
Space invasion: Happens when people come to close to another such that it creates anxiety and defensive body language.
Spatial needs: The relative amount of area that is reserved for a person of which no one else is permitted to enter.
Speech-related gestures: A deliberate body language cue that accompanies speech serving to punctuate, emphasize and to regulate the flow of speech. Stardust chairs or stardust seating positions: These are the seats flanking the head of the table which are those with the second most powerful.

In addition to the automatic physiological reactions already mentioned, he will reach for his throat and straighten his tie. They also adopt the thumbs-in-belt gesture which, although it is a male aggression gesture, is used with feminine subtlety; only one thumb tucked into a belt or protruding from a handbag or pocket is displayed.
They are called stardust because they are close enough to the leader that his star power or “dust” is likely to rub off on them.  When these chairs are usurped it signifies that a person is a wannabe leader rather than one deserved based on performance. If he is not wearing a tie, he may smooth his collar or brush imaginary dust from his shoulder and rearrange cufflinks, shirt, coat and other clothing.

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