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Best to wear flowing fabrics, low to medium-low necklines, a well-fitted bra and dresses that flow from the waist.
If you have an Oval or Diamond body shape go for dresses that highlight your bust and skim down over your tummy without clinging.
You are at the mall, you walk by one of your favorite stores and see a beautiful dress on the mannequin, you go in and pick your size and buy it. Before I go into tips of style for specific body types, I think it is important to have a quick lesson on the common body figures on women today.
The tube body frame is similar to the rectangular figure, the main difference is this figure is thinner.
Now that you have read and learned which figure best fits you, stay tuned for future post on how to dress each body type!

Visit our school, ISI MiamiAt International Success Institute, Miami, we provide an education and training for all who wish to learn about the importance of image.
When you go home and you try it on, you imagine it looks fabulous because how beautiful it is. They have narrow hips and shoulders, a smaller bust, with a high hip curve and linear thighs. The weight is above the average and usually the upper arms, back, bust, midriff, waist, behind, hips and upper legs are larger.
It is larger above the waist, where more weight is concentrated, and it grows smaller below the waist.
This way we can avoid going to the mall and buying something just because it is cute and only learning later that you have done a fashion disaster.

ISI Miami has successfully made an educational choice to consider the Image as a whole by either an aesthetic image (individual strategy), ?Visual Identity (communication strategy), or corporate image (corporate marketing strategy). The figure tends to have a medium bust, a small waist, flat stomach, a curved behind, and slim thighs. The shoulders are narrower than the hips, the bust is a small to medium size, and the ribcage area tends to be longer with shorter legs. All because one sees a beautiful dress at the store, does not mean that it will look great on everyone. The true facts behind a fashion disaster is because a lot of women do not know how to dress to their body types.

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