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admin 16.11.2013

I think that NASCAR did the right thing in that they actually did something to right a wrong. The thing that I find sad about all of this is the message is sends that you don’t have to really earn anything on your own merits. If you can’t manipulate your car outside of NASCAR’s rules why should you be able to manipulate a race?
Anyway, enjoy the gallery above of the Chase drivers in Chicago having a fancy schmancy dinner together.

This was a blog based on one woman's thoughts, opinions and experiences involving NASCAR and IndyCar. I can understand wanting Jeff Gordon to get a spot in The Chase because he was also affected by this deal. I also understand the people that think Clint Bowyer should of been taken out of The Chase altogether since he’s the one who actually spun his car out. NASCAR loses credibility when people can manipulate situations to get the outcome they want and that’s really depressing.

If there were no rules, there’d be no point in racing (or sports in general) and we should just give everybody a trophy and go home.

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