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Thrift stores can be a great place for both kids and adult collectors alike to find inexpensive additions for their collections. If posts are sponsored or if a complimentary product has been received for review, it will be stated at the end of the post.
This blog is in no way affiliated or endorsed by American Girl, Mattel, or Pleasant Company. Amazon has an incredible deal right now on this adorable Disney’s Frozen themed Trouble game. Today is Fashion Friday at Cents of Style and they have a really incredible deal on jewelry!
I’m just going to be honest, I hope this is one obsession my daughter never develops!
Perhaps you’d love to do a super cute birthday party, but, not sure where to even start. The American Girl Doll Sale that happens this time every year thanks to Jills Steals and Deals is going on RIGHT NOW! The small amount of income generated by these affiliate links helps support the costs of running this website, such as web hosting fees.
Whatever the reason, we’ve got loads of Doc McStuffins Party Ideas for you in this post.
I recommend if you put the money into linens choose colors that will be suitable for future events and parties that you host.
Create a pile on your front yard or on the driveway and watch the kids reaction  If you are pressed for time but still want to have some Halloween decor around your house, these skeleton bones are the solution. This is an adorable rendition of this popular board game and would make a great gift for the Frozen fan in your life. I just got a bitty baby for my (almost) 3 year old and clothes for my oldest daughter’s Maria Grace doll for $112 shipped!

My daughter was super excited to see the results of all of Momma’s hard work and in the end that is priceless!
The first time I tried it I collected a large garbage bag full of hair (I’m not exaggerating!). Here are a few details on this game: Olaf’s in Trouble game is a Frozen version of the classic Trouble game Pop-O-Matic unit rolls the die Features your favorite Frozen characters Includes gameboard, plastic game unit with Pop-O-Matic die roller, 16 pegs and label sheet Head over to Amazon to check it out! Once you deshed your pets regularly you will be thrilled to see how much less you need to vacuum around the house. If you aren’t eligible for the free trial, maybe a relative will share their Prime shipping with you?
Today I’m sharing some super cute, easy DIY favors I created for my daughter’s 4th birthday, the food we ate and the fun we had in hopes to take some of the stress of you!
So you don’t have to worry about unsightly, annoying hair all over your floor, furniture or car.
I ended up customized the above invitation from a Etsy shop for $15 and couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 100mm Strong, Exceptional Quality Stainless Steel Comb, With Safe Blade Cover that protects the blades life span after you use it each time. So you don’t have to be running back to us to buy another Deshedding Tool All The Time. If you enjoy hosting parties and host them often you’ll want to splurge on linens now. There were most definitely a couple of splurges in the decor – including the linens and the cake.  Although, I have an amazing friend that happens to own a bakery, so that cake?
Each place setting had a big blue crayon, magnifying glass, a patient (from our giant stash of stuffies) and a checkup list.
I also ordered a set of 12 mini clipboards from Amazon with free shipping for approx $2 per clipboard.

Then the kids picked up their magnifying glasses and gave their patient a thorough checkup!
After the checkups were complete, we used a paint marker to write the kids names on each of the clipboards. The Party Favors I also had a mini favor bag – I know not everyone likes favor bags, but I love to do them. The Doc McStuffins reusable cups were from Kroger and can also be found at Target and Walmart for under $1. Then I added the biggest hit of the party – the Doc McStuffin band-aids and first aid containers from the Target Dollar Spot. I spent around $5 per bag when it was said and done but the best part is the one favor doubled as both an activity and a craft.
Purchasing things that will be re-used a far bigger value for me than tiny toys, trinkets and candy that gets tossed right after the party.
Another thing you should know is that I love photo booths and my daughter loves posing for the camera. So when I stumbled across this giant Doc McStuffins background on Amazon, I knew I had to have it.
After all of the presents, we made sure to get each of the kids photos with the birthday girl. It gets them out of their boring hospital rooms and being a kid…even just for a few minutes.

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