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Whether you are an experienced salesman looking for leads or a young entrepreneur looking to get in touch with a CEO, finding email addresses is difficult and time-consuming. If you liked this and it worked for you, feel free to share it out to others who could benefit. I made a try using my name, and some actually existing accounts are showed as “no match” Would you check it please?
But I’ve discovered a neat little trick that can help you find any email address contact you need in 2 minutes tops. Basically how Rapportive works is if you enter in a person’s valid email address, the side of the email will show the person’s social networks, general location, etc.

Through many trial and errors I have done myself, I found out that there are 6 combinations you can try to find it and they take < 2 minutes. I tried to enter the page but the link in your comment is wrongly spelled (the closing parenthesis is attached) and get an error message. One thing you should mention after the tool generates all the email is to let the person know to paste it and click on each of the email addresses for Rapportive to check if it’s the one or not. Though I have another way of finding contact details, but I found this one a very reliable.
It has worked for me 90% of the time, whether I am reaching out to major press outlets, getting in touch with prominent investors, and most often, selling TINT to Fortune 500 executives.

Rapportive is meant to be a widget to give you supplemental information on a person you’re emailing, but I found out that you can take this one step further: find any person’s email address through trial-and-error until the person’s information appears.

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