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Something that I found in this little exercise is just how much Facebook doesn't want me to get rid of my friends.
I’ve filtered a lot of the crap from my online streams, and it’s pretty great.I make sure to only follow people I actually want to, on every other social network - Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Strava and more. Your blog posts are awesome and I’ve begun to follow some of your social media, although I feel it would now be counter-productive to friend you on Facebook.
In an earlier post I showed some tools using which you can Find Out When Someone Unfollows You on Twitter.
Who deleted me is an online application that provides users with a free service to keep track of their Facebook friendships. Both the tools are not retroactive, meaning that it only tracks unfriends after installation. Obviously, you don’t talk to them enough, or else you would have recognized who deleted you. At first it was just for inactive accounts (which had accumulated over the years to about 100+), before moving onto people who I kind of knew, but wouldn’t really say hello if I saw them on the street.Something which make me laugh and blush in equal measure, was the amount of people I had accepted purely because I found them attractive at some point in my life.

Google Play Music – The (Rather Inconclusive) ComparisonJune 26, 2015 Anton Gully commented on Spotify Vs. Immediately you go through your friend list to find out which of your virtual friend dumped you, but you couldn’t find anyone missing there. It provides you with realtime alerts of unfriends and acts in the same way as other notifications (wall posts, new messages) does on Facebook.
As Facebook also doesn’t provide users with any kind of notifications of unfriending, the chances of you figuring out the person is thin.
I’ve found myself having to restrain myself from liking everything on my feed, when I’m having a quick scroll down my feed in the morning, eating breakfast. It’s weirdly buggy, and sometimes I have to do it two or three times for it to actually confirm I’ve removed someone. I started to doubt whether this was a bug or an intention barrier between me ditching my digital acquaintances.Facebook's algorithms kicked into gear. Within days of going through the mass-delete, I was seeing “People you my know” banners much more frequently than before.

It seems that for every time Julie from Blackpool put up a picture of her dead goldfish I was missing out on a post about my favourite band’s new album. Facebook was treating me like an anorexic child, trying to fatten me up with spoonfuls of digital smiles.
As well as showing me suggested friends, I could tell I had been thrown into the ‘fewer-friends-club’ and added into the algorithms that encourage other people to add me. Partly because I’m a little bit addicted to social networking, and partly because it plays a big role in my job in Social Media. I now find that I spend a lot less time on Facebook, but yet seem to catch up, digest, and enjoy a lot more of that time.

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