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A chunk of the code that would run through a list of phone numbers and pull out the Snapchat accounts that match them. Exploits of Snapchat’s API allow for a script to associate phone numbers with Snapchat users’ display names, user names, and account privacy level, according to a report from ZDNet citing a collective called Gibson Security.
Gibson Security claims it’s known about this exploit, as well as one that would let a hacker bulk-register thousands of accounts on the service, since August. The phone numbers and names can be connected even if the Snapchat user’s account is set to private. Gibson Security claims that Snapchat could have at least fixed the bulk register exploit with a handful of lines of code, but has neglected to do so.

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Users of the exploit could take that data and resell it for cash, as well as scam or stalk the Snapchat accounts they’ve identified.
Snapchat failed to acknowledge Gibson Security’s attempts to contact it about these exploits, Gibson Security writes, so it published the API and exploits on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Snapchat recently announced a new rate-limited feature that allows users to view one time-limited snap a second time each day.

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