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Believe it or not, but finding new people to follow used to be much more difficult than it is today. This feature was built to suggest people you don’t currently follow that you may find interesting.
One of the simple, old-fashioned, ways to find new followers is to simple gleen users from others.
Twitter is one of the best-known tools for following an interest and creating conversation around it. Instagram Tips is a series that features Instagram-related pro-tips for both novice and expert users alike! This is a great way to browse the photos that your contacts found interesting, and in the process, find interesting new users to interact with.
One of the keys to enjoying Twitter is to be following an engaged group of people around a common interest. As part of Twitter’s last major update, they included several features that will help you follow new users based on proximity and interest.

The suggestions are based on several factors, including people you follow and the people they follow. This feature allows individual Twitter users to group people they follow together into one convenient group. If there is a Twitter user that you enjoy, go take a look and the people that he is following or the people that are following him (or her). If you are interested in frisbee golf, a Twitter search for that term will give you hundreds of results. This tool allows you to connect to other social media accounts to import you contact from those services. In particular we addressed a couple of options when it comes to deciding how many people to follow and how many people to follow back. The first step is finding the right people to follow, and the second is getting involved in the conversation. You may even come across old friends and acquaintances that otherwise slipped through the cracks!

Basically, Twitter utilizes user information to make smart suggestions on who you might be interested in. This is an excellent way to follow people that you are already know and communicate with on other services.
You can read more here, but this is something that you will want to figure out as you begin following and communicating with new people. The suggestions are constantly being updated as you use the service, so you may want to check in every now and again.
If you are hoping to follow people in your surrounding area, Twitter search will also allow you to do that. Be on the lookout for lists that fit your interest and follow key individuals from that list.

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