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This 1975 Bronco is an amazing uncut and rust free example of the little Bronco that started a craze.
But, regardless of how often I see them cruising around, seeing one this clean and uncut is amazing. According to all the info below, this thing has been gone through top to bottom to make sure it runs and drives great.
This amazingly original Un-Cut Ford Bronco Ranger was in a garage in Long Beach for over 20 years with the same owner. The original blue Ranger Hounds Tooth interior has been meticulously restored back to factory (hence the picture of the floor pans before the carpeting was installed). New matching RR vinyl Sport door panels were just installed, along with new armrests, door cups, inner & outer door handles. If you would like additional work done, we could do whatever you want us to do because we restore Classic Ford Broncos every day.
Funnies and Fuel Altereds at Barona Drags – Worsham, Densham, & Lee in May 28th Epic Nitro Battle!
Submit ContentWe are always looking for good bang shifty stories, projects, photos & videos. Everything has been rebuilt or replaced, but the original paint is still on the outside as it looked great with just a buff job.

It has only 51,500 original miles on the entire truck, and the rebuilt engine only has 4000 miles on it. We also installed all new aluminum body trim around the outside of the Bronco & on the grille. That is why you should buy one from Rocky Roads instead of buying privately, where you just don’t know what you are getting unless you have it fully inspected before you buy it, which we recommend you do with ANY Classic Car you decide to purchase. The interior could still be changed out to white or black interior if someone wants to do something different on the inside.
We just had the insides of both doors re-painted, as well as the door jams, now it looks super clean inside.
We'll give you credit for the submission (of course) and what is cooler than showing all your gang that you have a story on Bang Shift? But when you get into the early 1970s or older, these suckers are usually rusted out, beat to death, or just don’t exist at all.
There is nothing on it but the front shocks and steering stabilizer that don’t look like original parts. We blacked out the chassis and applied a fresh coat of black protective under coating the entire under carriage to prevent rust in the future. Now the interior is as close as we could get it to factory and it’s immaculate inside!

We also installed new tailgate seal & track, plus new tailgate bumpers to prevent rattles. The side lights, tail light lenses, amber grill lenses & aluminum bezels have been replaced with new. For a lot of people these are super rare and seeing one on the road is a never happens kind of thing. Those springs might be providing a little lift too, it does seem to sit slightly higher than the original pictures I’ve seen. We also just installed a set of antique white powder coated factory steel wheels with brand new stock size All Terrain tires with a nice set of original hub caps. In fact, my neighbor across the street has one he drives regularly and there are at least three in the high school parking lot where my kids go to school.
Arguably the most famous Dodge A100 in history was the Little Red Wagon wheelstander, and that would certainly be the easy and expected look to go with if someone bought this particular A100.

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