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Celebrity waiters Guy Penrod (r) and Tennessee Titans' quarterback Matt Hasselbeck are pictured at Kevin Carter’s 11th Annual Waiting for Wishes Celebrity Waiters Dinner. Hymns is distributed by EMI CMG Distribution and is available at retail and digital outlets worldwide, as well as Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores®. Ocean Alley Talk Album Details, Touring the World and Fork BrandingThe life of a touring band is a strange one. Brauninger – Seamlessly Blending The Blues and Jazz In SongFor Brauninger, music comes naturally.
Graham Nash Talks About Love, Music and the Demise of Crosby, Stills and NashGraham Nash is a simple man of many intricacies.
NASHVILLE, Tenn.—GRAMMY® and GMA DOVE Award-winning recording artist Guy Penrod celebrated a successful first week of sales this week for his new, LIVE recording. Produced by Penrod, the new CD and DVD feature some of today’s most cherished hymns and popular worship songs performed in keys and arrangements that are “accessible,” making it easy for concert-goers and congregations to sing along with him.  Featuring the Liberty University Center for Worship Choir, the evening included a long set list of classic and contemporary favorites.
The DVD includes behind-the-scenes footage with the Penrod Family, allowing viewers to “spend some time” with them on their farm and hear messages behind the music through an up-close interview on their front porch with Penrod, whose career boasts combined sales in excess of four million units. NASHVILLE, Tenn.—GRAMMY® and GMA DOVE Award-winning recording artist Guy Penrod has announced the release of a LIVE recording of some of today’s most cherished hymns and popular worship songs.
The nationally acclaimed, award-winning vocalist, known for his unmistakable, rasp-tinged vocals, went “home” to his alma mater for this special concert, which was recorded at Thomas Road Baptist Church at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  Featuring the Liberty University Center for Worship Choir, the evening included a long set list of classic and contemporary favorites. The DVD includes behind-the-scenes footage with the Penrod Family, allowing viewers to “spend some time” with them on their farm and hear messages behind the music through an up-close interview on their front porch with Penrod. Last year, Sandi Duncan Clark reviewed new music for December, including two new Christmas releases.
What a wondrous announcement the angels made to the shepherds so many years ago, giving all of us the reason to rejoice and celebrate a precious birth! We wish you all a very blessed Holiday, and thank you for your love and support throughout this year.
We have new music this month, which will encourage you and entertain you throughout the holidays.
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas from the Clark household and prayers for a blessed New Year. Tune-in to one of the stations listed on our site or listen online for an hour of great gospel music, inspiring ministry and fun with Woody Wright and D.
The Diamond Awards have a long history of being a gala event with surprise guests, great music and an evening of worship.
SGN Scoops would like you to meet our top-five finalists for each category of the 2014 Diamond Awards.

Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University is all abuzz this week with anticipation of An Evening of Worship with Guy Penrod, Friday, October 3. While attending college in Lynchburg at Liberty Baptist College (now Liberty University) Guy displayed his talent with the Sounds of Liberty. When  Penrod graces the stage at the famed Thomas Road Baptist Church, he will be joined on stage by a 240-voice choir, live background singers (coming in from Nashville just for the night) and an extensive band of Nashville best musicians. Byron Davis with Lift HIM Up Events told SGN Scoops that they are thrilled to invite everyone to this special DVD taping with Gaither Music Group. Billingsley, formerly the lead singer with NewSong, has continuously dedicated his ministry and teaching to the art of worship.
The title track is completely titled, “Jesus, Only Jesus” and features the familiar voices of Travis Cottrell, Michael O’Brien, and Southern Gospel favorite, Guy Penrod. When Billingsley took the stage, he had a full compliment of stage band and the worship choir from Thomas Road Church. Worship was brought full circle as the entire room was filled with the melody of “Gloria” in a modern arrangement.
Quietly and joyfully, in closing, the congregation joined in a chorus of “Bless His Holy Name.” Concluding in such a simple way was Billingsley’s way of keeping the nights focus on Jesus, only Jesus! Here it is, the middle of Summer and we have so much to share with you, we can’t hardly stand it!
This month we have to share with you the cover story of Brian Free and Assurance and how this group with very different backgrounds have come together to produce such wonderful music.
Artist features include the Chuck Wagon Gang by Marcie Gray, Marty Raybon by Dan Duncan, the Drummond Family by Tina Wakefield, the Hoskins Family by Sandi Duncan Clark and Kelly Nelon Clark talks about acting in the Dancer with Lorraine Walker. Also inside the covers are thoughtful articles by Jeff Steele, Kelly Nelon Clark, Sherry Anne and Jennifer Campbell. Vonda Easley introduces us to DJ Alan Butler, Rob Patz quizes Sharron Kay King, Lynn Mills covers another amazing concert event and Hannah Webb talks about being a part of the American Bible Challenge.
If you still have not picked up these CDs to add to your collection, we urge you to visit these artists’ websites.
These Awards recognize the best in Southern, Country and Bluegrass Christian music and are hosted by SGNScoops digital magazine and Coastal Media Group. Dress rehearsals at the church are on track for Thursday as LU students prepare to lend choral arrangement vocals for the event. With that unmistakable voice and the ability to communicate like few others can, you do not want to miss the singer recognized around the world on his special night back home.
We are going to mix Hymns and Worship songs for a wonderfully unique night of WORSHIP to the LORD.

We rely on music to ignite the Christmas spirit and keep it alive throughout the season,” Penrod said.
It will also air in Canada on Vision TV, CTS, The Miracle Channel and Hope TV.  It is featured in HOMECOMING Magazine.
This collaboration with these voices features the best of each genre of Christian music today. Having brought a history of worship, the program moved into a section of songs of the Cross. Billingsley next took the opportunity to lead in prayer asking “God to help us worship you, to give you all we have.” He further asked God for help in capturing scripture in music. So take a deep breath and your glass of sweet tea and enjoy the August edition of SGN Scoops! Erin Stevens talks to Levi Bowman and Angela Griffin reviews concerts with Guy Penrod, the Nelons and the Collingsworth Family.
Laurette Willis brings another edition of her fitness column and David Staton asks us again if we can handle the truth. Hannah Webb, Dan Duncan and Melissa Wright are our newest writers and I know you will enjoy their contributions. I’m so grateful for His birth, death and resurrection for our opportunity to become His child! We hope that once you read our comments, you’ll look for these at your local Christian music store. Charles Billingsley, Worship leader at Thomas Road Church and Artist-in-residence at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA, presented to a full house the release of his new project, Only Jesus. While the arrangement is the same sung for years in churches, Billingsley’s rendition exudes great power from his smooth voice, into an offering of faith.
While we are on the subject of families, Melissa Wright writes about the popular Bowling Family!
They were a special treat with their culturally inspired clothing representing the nations of their origin.
The song was accompanied with a video presentation pronouncing the truth that worship is about a relationship.

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