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Note: If you are a USA citizen marrying someone from abroad check out something like this book. Here, they say, it is impossible for a person to be fair, therefore it is not allowed to marry more than one.
Then, we have others who claim that polygyny is only in cases where war has taken the majority of the men, or in special circumstances - like when the woman cannot bear children or when the woman is sick.
Even as recently as the first World War, we see the bedouin Arabs proud of the fact that they have this practice as a part of their religion. Now, if this is true, then why is it that today, not only is polygyny not the rule, it is the exception, and those who practice it are often criticized? Muslim women have to take their minds out of the gutters of the West, and bring them up to the wisdom and purity of Islam's high ground.
Even, when a sister does choose to go into polygyny, her fellow sisters look to her as a traitor, and often treat her worse than an adultress. Sisters, we are so caught up in this idea that we possess our men, that even the second or third wife feels she has a right to prevent the inclusion of another into the relationship that benefitted her.
We were not placed on this earth to do anything but worship Allah, and we have to this as He commanded, not as our desires and jealousies guide us. Sisters, I am not asking you to go and ask your husbands to take another wife, but I am asking you to accept this as a natural, acceptable, even preferable practice of Islam. A woman succumbed to her multiple fatal injuries on the scene of a shooting at a home in Sonneglansa€s Randburga€s on Thursday afternoon. Australian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said on Thursday that three new pieces of debrisa€”two found in Mauritius and one in Mozambiquea€”had been found in connection with the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.
The Economic Freedom Fightersa€™ deputy chairperson in Gautenga€s Mandisa Mashegoa€s has been arrested in Tshwane while she was addressing street tradersa€s according to messages she is sending to friends. Former Kaizer Chiefsa€s Orlando Piratesa€s Mamelodi Sundowns and Bafana Bafana coach Ted Dumitru collapsed in a shopping mall and was rushed to hospital on Thursdaya€s but could not be saved. John Smit will relinquish his duties as the Sharks Chief Executive at the end of the 2016 season. Virat Kohli has declared AB de Villiers the best batsman in the world after the South African single-handedly steered his Indian Premier League side into this season's cricket final. Masters champion Danny Willett insists he will not risk the health of his family in pursuit of Olympic glory in Rio de Janeiro in August.

Top seed Novak Djokovic launched his bid for a first French Open title with a routine victory as Andy Murray battled through to round two on Tuesday, while Australian Open champion Angelique Kerber crashed out. Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton set the pace in an incident-filled opening Monaco Grand Prix practice on Thursday, with debris and a loose drain cover bringing an early end to the session. The former head coach of SA swimminga€s Dirk Langea€s is threatening to sue over accusations that he is helping swimmers from China to dope ahead of the 2016 Rio Games. Basetsana Kumalo has opened up about suing Drum magazine for defamation and reputational damages with costs, claiming that she is doing it for everyone who's had their name tarnished by the publication. Falling to the floor when host Lungile Radu called his namea€s 22-year-old Richard Stirton couldna€™t believe that he had just become the first winner of The Voice SA. Sunday Times and Delta Airlines are giving away three pairs of plane tickets to any American city. What few problems we have are seen in the apologists who were trying to please the West by softening the image of Islam.
Why can we not follow these great examples instead of the examples of the Western woman who has no respect for herself, much less her peers? If you are stronger in your faith, I see only blessings in asking your husband to help out a sister in need by marrying her. May Allah make us all strong in following, practicing and accepting this great deen in its entirety, and may Allah give us the strength faith and support to fight our desires. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has reached the number of delegates needed to secure the party's presidential nomination, the Associated Press reported on Thursday, citing its own delegate count. Entertainment and NBC Universal have canned the second of Caitlyn Jenner's reality show I Am Cait in Africa after the Nigerian Broadcasting Authority banned the show in the country. It was not less practiced by the wise knowledgable ones in Islamic history in times of peace, nor was it ever restricted to certain conditions.
These people even apologized for the practice of divorce which Islam allowed for centuries, while Christianity forbid it. Therefore, whatever He, in his Great Fairness and Wisdom, has allowed and encouraged is fair by definition.
The number of single women has climbed so high that special laws are being created to try to fix the situation (While I know that many of these laws are misguided and based on fear of cultural intermixing, the fact the problem has reached epidemic proportions is undeniable even to them). Many of our sisters are ostracized and even humiliated, or worse cursed for practicing an act that our Loving Lord recommended to us.

Aisha and the other Mothers of the Believers, may Allah have mercy on them, were jealous, but they did not allow their jealousy to destroy their deen, and I challenge anyone to show me an example where one of them, or one of the female companions, or even one of the second or third generation ever condemned a woman for becoming a second, third or fourth wife. Imagine yourself a single mother, an unmarried woman past her prime, or a widow, alone without support.
And if they marry your husband or your friend’s husband, do not condemn them, curse them, ostracize them, boycott them or harass them. Actually, we don'’t begin to see any problems with polygyny as a practice until the West began to exert influence over the Muslims.
Now, I wish I could see the faces of these same apologists if they could see the divorce rate of the West. In some countries, your sisters are having to resort to such misguided practices as temporary marriage, because polygyny is so looked down upon. Also, I find this theory hard to accept since I know that the Prophet, the Companions, the second generation, the third generation and so forth were all practicers of polygyny.
Would they stop apologizing for it now that the West has not only accepted the practice, but embraced it wholeheartedly? If it were wrong, or even makruh - as some state - then we would not find the majority among our best generations practicing it. If A is not possible, then do B giving precedence to A and using B as an exception to the rule. We need to listen to our scholars; so many of them have warned us to look to ourselves because this issue may be the one which makes us Kafir. Where is the wanting for our sisters what we want for ourselves, namely family, love and happiness?
Therefore, when we apply it, we see that the man is commanded to marry two or three or four, but IF he cannot be just, then he marries only one. They have completed their religion, and the one who objects to it, even silently in her heart, has to reexamine her faith in Allah. She has to accept this as Allah’s religion and as the superior way, because and -- only because -- Allah said that it is so.

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