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Isn’t it funny that zombies a€“ monsters that were originally introduced by George Romero as a commentary on the culture of consumerism and mindless crowd-following, now have become actual icons behind the majority of consumerism and crowd-followed brands in entertainment.
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Nazis and orcs have gone to a secondary plane, as green, limp man-eaters started eating their way through the most popular games of today. Player can use different weapons with different damage, and use special attacks that consume more energy (more on that later). Although it looks like an interesting and rich experience, its novelty wears out very quickly.

It wasn’t in any way surprising to start seeing them in the casual, free-to-play a€?actiona€? games that are as far from Left 4 Dead, as they are close to Farmville, not very different from which is Zombies Ate My Friends for Android.
There are some small quick-time events, when hero can dodge, or deal additional damage, if the player presses a button at the right time, but they are rare and insignificant. Its limitations are just too bold, and its gameplay is too repetitive to leave me eager to launch it again, after I’ve spent my energy.
As the more zombies are rightly dismantled, main hero gains experience that can be spent on additional damage, luck, health, or energy.
Afterwards, this avatar is dumped in some city, infested with zombies, and has to fight his, or her way through the story, which is highly limiting and straightforward.

As the player goes forward, he fights zombies, completes missions, gets new weapons, gets money and levels up. Not only does the game feature ads and standard free-to-play limitations, it also has energy that is spent on any activity, from killing zombies to picking one’s nose. It refills by one every couple of minutes, meaning that each game a€?sessiona€? won’t last more than ten minutes, before the energy has to be resupplied.

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