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Over the past few years stationery has become extremely popular in Japan, with a rush to publish books about it and so on.
What’s the latest trend ballpoint pens, a prime example of superb ingenuity in stationery?
Ballpoint pens are a prime example of superb ingenuity in stationery, with new features constantly coming on the scene. New stationery using superb ingenuity besides ballpoint pens also keep arriving on the scene. While it looks like a normal notepad at first glance, taking a picture with a special smartphone app eliminates distortion for a clean image. Spiral Ring Notebook - perfect for traveling, and you can customize the looks and features to suit your tastes.
Stick glue, correction tape, stapler, cutter, and other stationery all packed into a case the size of a Nintendo DS. Maybe it is the influence of the regions philosophical outlook towards life that has shaped its style and design principles for several centuries or it could be a combination of their lifestyle that is deeply connected with nature and the topography of the region that offers them a unique insight into every aspect of life.Extravagant and exquisite Japanese garden design with a touch of flair (MARPA Design Studio)Either way, an amalgamation of all these factors has shaped Japanese culture and lifestyle into a beautifully aesthetic and naturally relaxing form and the west has borrowed generously from them in the last century or so.
Japanese manufacturers are in fierce competition with each other, which is driving this craze.

And manufacturers are putting a lot of effort into development especially because it’s a tool with readily-available refills.
Not only does Jetstream leave little bleeding or ink transfer, but it eliminates the tendency to blur.
The latest of these is the PLUS Deco Rush, which lets you make designs with a simple pen-like stroke. The blades on Fitcut Curve scissors are curved, so the ideal cutting angle found at the center of a pair of scissors stretches from the base all the way to the tips.
Optional features such as a convenient pocket for tickets and maps and airline-type stickers make travel even more exciting.
Bring along the CL Stationery Kit to make cutting and pasting business cards and maps easy.
H-Concept’s Evolution is a rubber eraser whose profile features a monkey evolving into a human. Japanese gardens are another amazing gift from the Far East, which have given many modern homes a soothing and serene ambiance.Beautiful and balanced garden adds to the look of the homeHere are a few inspirations that will hopefully help add a compact, yet vibrant Japanese garden to your very own home.
We’ll take a look at some hot Japanese stationery at Ginza’s Ito-ya, an entire building devoted to stationery that has become the nationwide trendsetter.

You can decorate your ledgers, notebooks, greeting cards, and so on easily with cute designs, making it a huge break-out hit with women. Yamada says they are safe, eco-friendly, and eliminate the chore of removing staples before shredding. Erasing with the rubber eraser in the cap (or other erasers) creates frictional heat, which turns the ink clear and colorless. It’s no wonder that Yamada says that at the height of the digital age, people are drawn to the analog charms of a good pen. The superb attention to detail can be seen in the attached stems, printed seeds, and other features.
These gardens are basically miniature versions of bigger and grander landscapes and they are a pleasing and idealized view of nature at its nourishing best.
The Frixion ball point pen, released to rave reviews five years ago by the venerable Pilot Corp., remains a classic writing utensil today.

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