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Abraham’s servant then went on with the journey taking with him 10 camels bringing all kinds of goods on its back. When he finished praying, Rebekah, the granddaughter of Abraham’s brother, came out with her jar.
Then, when Abraham’s loyalty to God was tested, he willingly sacrificed his only son, Isaac. That is a tall order.  Would a woman really come with him and marry Isaac even if she has not seen the man she’s going to marry?

When they reached the home town of Abraham, he had the camels kneel near the well outside of town. Aa arranged marriage is common in Isaac’s time, would you agree to marry someone you do not know someday?
Ask the children to dramatize or make a simple play from the story of Finding a Bride for Isaac.
Though Isaac’s sacrifice did not push through because an Angel of the Lord spoke and said that Abraham was found faithful.  What then happened to Isaac after that?

He stayed in their house, explained the purpose of his journey and what happened at the well.
He also gave gifts to her brother and her mother.  The next day, they immediately went on their way back to Isaac.

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