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Suzanne has been seen on Bravo TV, The Today Show, Good Afternoon America, Inside Edition, BBC Radio, Glamour Magazine, Men’s Health and much more! It doesn’t really matter whether you just met him or if you’ve been friends for years–the awesome thing is that you guys are finally going on a date and it’s going to be awesome! Many guys seek first date advice because it is usually a nervous occasion for the majority of guys. The first bit of first date advice is where are you going to go and what are you going to do? The second point of first date advice is planning how your going to get to the venue. Are you meeting at the location or picking her up from her place? The third piece of first date advice is dressing accordingly. Deciding what to wear can be hard but all you have to do is dress according to the setting.
I trust you have enjoyed my first date advice if you have any questions please feel free to drop a comment below! By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Most of these rules were designed to keep your first date light and away from serious subject matters. After all, it’s been scientifically proven that asking personal questions can lead to an accelerated intimate state between strangers. When looking for a happy and fulfilling relationship, you must discuss the things most important to you up front. If religion is a big part of your life and you are passionate about it and want your partner to share that with you, you should talk about religion. There’s no need to talk about your second cousin’s new baby teething, but talking about your parents, siblings, and any traditions you really love to share with them is a really great way to know one another. It’s important that you remember dating is an experience  to be enjoyed and always an opportunity to learn about yourself and the opposite sex.
Guys, if you’re wanting to make a good first impression and have an opportunity to get a second date you NEED to make sure that you are presentable, polished and dressed appropriately for the date.
You have finally landed a date with a girl your interested in, and now it’s time for the first date, what should you do? So I leave you with a few final pointers; have some topics of conversation prepared for those awkward moments of silence.
They forbid talk of taboo subjects like religion or politics, they instruct you to be polite, and to play it cool because god forbid we actually talk about what we want out of life and our relationships.

But if you are looking for a serious relationship, it’s time to throw out the rulebooks and get personal on your first date. If you or the person you are on a date with can’t answer that question, then why are you here? If you are not on the same page about what you’re looking for, then why waste time pursuing a relationship with someone who isn’t looking for one? You shouldn’t preach about it, or judge someone else’s religious beliefs, but you should mention the role that religion plays in your life. Don’t just talk about your existing family, talk about the family life you are looking to create as well. Tell that funny story of something that happened in the office last week, or about how much you love what you do.
There’s nothing more attractive than seeing a passionate person filled with joy because they’re talking about their favorite thing. The only rules are that you use moderation, be authentic, and respectful of the other person’s views if they happen to not agree with yours. After all, practise makes perfect so appreciate every opportunity that you have to discover the many sides to a woman when you are out on your first date.
It is naive for you to assume that she is not judging you harshly and going over you with a fine tooth comb. Assuming of course that you are attracted to your date and that she is attracted to you, you must have a confidence in yourself and be the man! Precisely what might you recommend when it comes to your submit that you developed a couple of days in the past? Do not be shy to ask her if she has any preferences on what or where to go as most likely you do not know each other that well so you will not know what each other’s preferences are yet.
Never text or answer a phone call while on a date as it is rude and shows signs of being uninterested in your date. There are so many things to be conscious of when you are preparing for your first date with a lady.
I guarantee if you arrive late it will leave a terrible first impression and may RUIN any possibility for date# 2. Make sure that you have some questions prepared in advance about her that will open up conversation. On the day of the date make sure you get there early rather than late because you don’t want to keep her waiting, although unfortunately it is fine for her to keep you waiting!

Also grooming yourself is a must, clean shaven is on most occasions a good look although you know what facial hair style will suite you best, so groom accordingly. Arriving late is often interpreted as being inconsiderate, rude and irresponsible; and it is definitely a turn off. Depending on how much time you invested in getting to know your date before the first meeting, do your research and arm yourself with several key open-ended questions. You have all your plans in place for the first date so now for the most important part of preparation; yourself. An example of that would be, if she says she likes to travel; ask her where she went on her last vacation. This is not to say that you need to be a doormat, but ego has no place for a first date.  Confidence is sexy. This is the perfect location and setting in which to get to know each other better and to start building your relationship.
It is a good idea to ask if she has preference in a specific type of cuisine so you make sure you are not taking her to a place where she won’t like the food. In the following article I will outline the key pieces of first date advice to get you through the first date as well as ensure success and the all-important second date. So now you know what you are doing you need to make arrangements on how you are getting there. Eye contact is extremely important and make sure that your eyes are not wandering at other women. What is on her bucket list If she doesn’t have one, what would be on her bucket list? Always remember to have fun on your date and be the type of man who women want to be around.
Be sure that you are listening attentively as well and not asking questions in bullet form one after the other like a bright light is shining in her face and you are on a mission to interrogate her. You cannot be attractive to a woman looking like you rolled out of bed, dirt under your fingernails, nose hairs sticking out, smelling like a locker room or that you drowned yourself in old spice. Do wear deodorant, do make sure you have great oral hygiene, clean fresh breath and up to date coordinated clothing (preferably pressed).

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