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UFC announced on Thursday the first official challenger to Rafael dos Anjos for the UFC Lightweight Championship.
Rafael dos Anjos won the UFC 155-pound title by defeating Anthony Pettis in March, but was sidelined temporarily with a knee injury. The last thing you want is your date to think that you got into a fight with your make-up bag.
Ladies, if you don’t know why this is important then you’ve obviously been playing it fast and loose and most likely have stories to tell. Take a box of compliments (not an actual box!) to a first date and don’t be shy to give some to your date.
These days, people go on a date and end up spending more time with people on their phones than the person sitting right across from them.

If you are still single and searching, it could be because you failed to do one or two things mentioned above. Thanks for visiting - bookmark this site and remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Typically, no matter how prepared you might think you are for a first date, they don’t always go as planned. Vex money is your back–up plan for if things go wrong and you need to make a graceful exit.
Naturally, time spent with your mouth closed can make less than fresh breath kick in and you wouldn’t want to start a conversation with your mouth smelling like a cat died in your stomach.
It must be enough to cover your food and transport back home because a lot of things can go wrong and you wouldn’t want to spend the evening washing plates in a restaurant or begging for a lift home from Magodo.

Gum or a breath mint not only keep your breath fresh, they also get rid of the lingering smell of food after lunch or dinner. It feels nice to hear “You smell nice” especially in public environments that can get overcrowded or stuffy. A polite date is everything everyone hopes for at the very least, so if you want to win a heart be generous but not overbearing with the compliments.

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