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Dress for the occasion with some affordable first date outfit ideas mentioned in this Buzzle post.
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Check out the following infographic to get tons of ideas on how to mix and match your closet items for the perfect casual look for men. The type of clothes you wear is to let your date know that you care about the way you look.
Instead of jeopardizing your chances, keep our tips and suggestions in mind while getting ready for your date.What to Wear on Your First DateMore often than not, first impressions from a first date define whether or not it'll mold into a healthy and strong relationship. Depending on the activities you may have lined up for the date, here are a few options you can choose from.For a DRINKS or KARAOKE DATEThis night calls for a hip and somewhat chilled-out attire.
Wearing colored pants (not to be confused with skinny, brightly colored pants) with a casual t-shirt and a jacket is the perfect way to keep it informal.

There's no particular need to add accessories to the outfit (as you're not a woman), but if you really want to take it up a notch, add a flattering fedora hat.For a CLUB DATEGoing clubbing automatically means you want to be noticed with her.
It's "dress to impress whoever sees you" time; and she's going to expect you to look the part.
The way to tackle the attire for the night is by keeping it semi-casual, yet trendy and slightly funky.
Don't be scared to wear a vivid-colored shirt to seal the deal.For a MOVIES or COFFEE DATEThis is another "very public" and popular place for a first date. Whether you're meeting her for a cup of coffee or catching the latest flick, here you don't need to make big efforts on your attire. However, if you feel that it may not be enough, add layers or accessories as per the weather.For a FANCY DINNER DATEA fancy dinner date is all about wearing a nice pair of classy pants, matching shirt, elegant shoes, and a smile that wins her heart. A chic suit is a must because most fine dining restaurants have a certain dress code that needs to be followed.

So, think carefully before you finalize the venue.For a BEACH or ARCADE GAMES DATEEven if this is a super casual date, you still have to wear clothes that look well taken care of and quite new.
Wearing a pair of clean and presentable shorts, t-shirt, sneakers, and a baseball cap can make you look responsible and handsome.
However, avoid t-shirts with cartoon characters and offensive tag lines on them.Your objective is to look amazing, be confident, and seem approachable.
Make sure you don't go overboard with your outfit and add unnecessary layers to show off your sense of fashion. Obviously, dirty and wrinkled clothes are a big no-no whether it's your first date or the 10th.

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