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Includes option to display an image within the Matrix - choose any jpg, set the location and transparency of the window! To get the best animation effect with this feature, use images at least around 400 pixels wide.
You can download this sample music text file (playlist file) which shows the format needed. Under a new "Web Window" tab in the Settings window there's a COOL, new feature: the "web window".
You also specify the location and size of the 'web window', so you can place it anywhere you like - positioning it on a certain monitor, etc. Allow the Rotate Color option of 0 minutes, which will rotate the color about every 10 seconds.

Multi-monitor custom configuration improved - now you can set the starting height position. Multi-monitor custom configuration - you can optionally specify your left-most monitor, width and height resolutions. The top text color and text LCD background colors now automatically change based on the color theme, as well as the clock text color.
If your main monitor is on the bottom with the other on top, it now blacks-out the bottom monitor - yeah, it's just a temp.
If you can't get the install to work, you can download the files in a zipped file and install manually. If you have 800x600 on your main monitor and on the right you have your second monitor at 1024x768.

I found your site while I was searching for *cough* ANOTHER multimonitor Matrix screensaver, but I am so damn glad that I found yours instead. Phil says: "I had installed some new video codecs on my Vista machine, and suddenly my screensaver had stopped working.
Its the first matrix style screensaver i've found that actually works with my dual head setups. I have it on all 5 of my machines now, and it looks very very cool :P Not only that, but it fits my red\black theme perfectly.

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