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3D printers are the hottest topic in the marketplace as more consumers warm up to and adopt the idea of 3D printing. Cubehero is a website that let users to host and organize their 3D printed projects in order to aid further collaboration on their work that includes discussion and contribution both.
Instructables is a website based on community where users can share their DIY projects that includes things made using a 3D printer. Pinshape, which is similar in style with Pinterest, is a 3D model marketplace that still in beta. Repables is nothing more than just a very simple site that aims to be a repository of 3D printed model files.
Yeggi is another search engine that will search major 3D printing websites for files that are compatible with 3D printers. Sign up below to get the latest from Designer Daily, plus exclusive freebies, directly to your inbox every day!
Designer Daily is a place for designers to find inspiration, resources, and thoughts that will be useful to their daily work. 3D printers are going mainstream, as more consumers warm up to and adopt the idea of 3D printing. If 3D modelling sounds difficult to you, fret not, the Web is filled with sites that offer users free 3D models to print on their printers free of charge. Pinshape is a next generation 3D printing community & marketplace for brands, designers and makers. Thingiverse is a website operated by MakerBot Industries, the creators of the popular Replicator series of 3D printers. Cubify is the website for the Cube series of consumer 3D printers, which is created by 3D Systems. Autodesk 123D is a suite of computer aided design (CAD) and 3D modeling tools aimed specifically at hobbyists. 3DVIA is a company that offers 3D modeling and publishing tools that are aimed at both the consumer and professionals. Cubehero is a website that allows users to host and organize their 3D printed projects in order to aid further collaboration on their work. Billing itself as a 3D Printing Social Network, Bld3r is a thriving community of makers who like to feature their creations. Another 3D printing community, Sproutform is a website dedicated to giving users ways to share their design and help people print 3D creations. Shapeways is mainly an online shop where you can purchase 3D printed items or have your own 3D model printed by them. Instructables is a community where users can share their DIY projects and this includes things made using a 3D printer.
A French community and marketplace where modelers can share or sell their designs, Cults has a collection of high quality models you can download. Repables is a very simple site that aims to be a repository of 3D printed model files, nothing more. Born out of a Facebook group, Fabster is mainly a platform to show what can be done with 3D printing. Yeggi is a search engine that will search major 3D printing websites for files that are compatible with 3D printers.
3D models represent a 3D object using a collection of points in 3D space, connected by various geometric entities. 3D Total provides free stuff on 3D model in categories of human characters, household, body parts, vehicles, weapons, alien characters, architecture, medieval, cartoon, star wars, scenes, animals, sci-fi, low-polu and mechaniods. A collection of 3ds ,max ,prj and obj files for you to use in diffrent applications of 3d programs. You would certainly find 3DMS something interesting and useful, receive answers to most of yourquestions, to download 3D models which you need in one of the biggest Models Bank on-line. You may use these models (meshes) royalty-free in your own work to create 2D images, animations, print graphics or web graphics.

The purpose of this blog is, to collect tutorial, free stuff like 3d object, photoshop brush, filters, free software, templates and many more. You can also use them in any graphics design software, like Sothink's SWF Easy, SWF Quicker and other applications (See more information HERE and HERE) .
Purchase this graphics collection today at a very low bargain price before this offer ends!
The Following 3 Users Say Thank You to rdsjmrdsjm For This Useful Post: icyguy, lotusdragon, Matthew P. Actually this MegaPack is a collection of graphics files in SWF and Animated GIF format with full transparency. The Logo Creator is one of the software products that can work with the transparent SWF files in particular if you like making logos and banners and there is the MAC version. As an artist I can perhaps appreciate the time and skill and crucially the maintaining of beauty in the necessary cartooning the subjects to make it viable 'pixel' size.
I will keep this window open and reply on this thread in general as more for artists in this pack. Sorry my PM took so long it kept counting any font edits as character counts, so I had to re-edit it many times over to fit the required 500 or under.
It’s going mainstream, and ‘The Micro’ is a kick starter project for a 3D printer project for your consumers.
And if you are not finding what you are searching for then you can simply make a request for it from the community and you’ll be helped anyway. It is a bare bone website that allows users to upload their files to share, and download files they want to use.
In this post, we’ve compiled 25 websites that you can use to search and download free STL models for 3D printers. They’re growing really quickly, and making it easy to find and successfully print quality 3D designs. The site mainly offers you ways to buy 3D printed items and files but it does make available some interesting free items, mainly under their Kids section, some of which children can customize using a web app. But for the average 3D printing enthusiast, the best part of the site is their large library of free files created by a community of over a million engineers. Along with the suite of tools, Autodesk also has a website where users can upload their creations and share it with other users. Their website offers a Content Warehouse, where the community hosts and shares their contents.
Think of it as a GitHub for 3D printing, where users can share their files, discuss projects and contribute to them.
Users vote on the best creations, so popular creations rise to the top and get better exposure. But if you look close enough, you can find the people who sell their wares also offering the files required for you to print them yourself. Also included are the how-to’s and instructions on how to build their creations, and some helpful designers take the time to answer questions fielded by the public. Users can follow their favorite designers and modelers and get instant updates when a new creation is posted. It is a barebone website that allows users to upload their files to share, and download files they want to use. It offers users plenty of things to print, and instructions to get the best print possible. There are a lot of very cool model vehicles and buildings to print, along with add-ons and parts for your 3D printer. This is useful when you want to search through all the sites at once for that one same thing. You can also look up some of the popular searches to get an idea what the community is currently interested in. The movie industry uses them as characters and objects for animated and real-life motion pictures.

Thus, we’ve crawled into Internet and search for free 3D models which are available for download.
Anyone can search for and download models, but to publish your own, you’ll need to sign in using your Google account. 3D artists and graphic designers can freely submit 3d models or download ones for personal and non-commercial use. You may also include them as part of your software package in a proprietary format with credits and written permission from Amazing 3D Graphics, Inc. They are not software, but can be used easily in any software that can accept Animated GIFs and SWF file formats. At the moment, The Logo Creator does not import Animated GIFs, however, it imports only the SWF files. The website also presents a Content Warehouse where the community hosts and shares their content. Though this website just started on 2013, it is filled with many interesting things to print.
You can either purchase the model from the designer or download the files to print it yourself, if they offer it.
The site is extremely popular and has a large community of people uploading files of varying categories, so if you’re looking for cool things to print, Thingiverse is the site to visit.
It is relatively new (it started out in 2013), yet it is filled with interesting things to print. The site contains 3D models designed by professionals and all uploaded designs are tested for quality. The site is created by Defence Distributed, which release the plans for their 3D printed gun, the Liberator (now removed) on it. Many of the models can be downloaded and printed, using Autodesk as a utility to interface with MakerBot 3D printer. There is also a way to make request, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can request for it from the community. The site features items that are hosted on the social network and outside of it too, like on Thingiverse and YouMagine. The more you interact with the site by downloading and rating designs, the better it is with recommendations. The site contains a lot of small, simple 3D models to print, with a nice selection of everyday items and even replacement parts for printers. On average, a modeler saves over 2 hours of modeling time when they could get a free 3D model. The video game industry uses them as assets for computer and video games.The architecture industry uses them to demonstrate proposed buildings and landscapes through Software Architectural Models. Also, Sothink's SWF Easy and SWF Quicker are two other software products I can recommend to read the SWF and Animated GIF files, although I am not sure if their software products work on MAC computers, as far as I am aware. Instead you will require several materials and most importantly the blue print to printout your products. The community is still growing and with the backing of a major 3D printer manufacturer, this site is one to look out for. You will need to get the materials and more importantly the blueprint to printout your product.
There are several websites that offer you free 3D models to print on their printers free of charge. Here I am introducing you to 10 such websites where you can find free models for 3D printing.

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