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HD and 3D wallpapers for your desktop backgrounds, free download your favorite desktop wallpapers here! Descriptioni?sblue eyes reading long hair books smiling lying down anime girls black hair Wallpaper is a very suitable as a wallpaper background,You can download or save blue eyes reading long hair books smiling lying down anime girls black hair Wallpaper or share your opinion using the comment form below. A podcast network featuring uncensored pop culture criticism and comics creation conversation. Then grab your popcorn and drinks for an obnoxiously long rant about how the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, Day of the Doctor, went wrong. In the third episode of Welcome to the NHK, Sato and Yamazaki begin work on their gal game.
Then we switch gears and discuss ParaNorman, a 2012 stop-motion film about a boy who can see ghosts. Then we finish things off with the fourth episode of Welcome to the NHK, which follows the friends as they go on a pilgrimage to an otaku section of Tokyo and make a bit of progress on their video game’s main character.
Ido has befriended Shumira, a perky teen whose older brother just happens to be the greatest player in the history of Motor Ball. If you hate reading and just wanna look at the pictures, then I’ll sum it up for you with one quick sentence: The 2013 Long Beach Comic & Horror Con was good! First off, I was greeted by a program book with a cover by my buddy V Ken Marion (who joined us a couple of weeks ago to talk about All New Soulfire #1). Though I’ve been living in Long Beach for almost a year now, I haven’t established a link with the local comics community. So I’ve been living a largely scene-free life down here in the coastal city that’s sort of like Los Angeles’s shorter and scrappier (and potentially hairier and more tatted up) cousin. And it’s that particular quality which starkly distinguishes LBCHC from Anaheim’s WonderCon, which I attended for the first time last spring.
Here in Long Beach, however, everybody was jammed together into a comfortably snug lower level hall with an intelligent layout that made the artists look like the real stars of the show. Yeah, there were a few corporate booths up front featuring larger indie comics publishers, plus some companies I’d never heard of promoting a range of other products from guitars to electronics.
But make no mistake about it — while the company booths were closer to the entrance, it was pretty obvious that the real electricity and draw was smack dab in the middle of the floor at Artist Alley. Is it a bummer that Len didn’t have a line of fanatic readers holding stacks of books to be signed? Anyway, I haven’t even broached the topic of programming, which was impressive considering that LBCHC is a medium-sized show with a pretty low ticket price.
Some of the other panels I attended weren’t as engaging, but they were still strong topics with a good selection of panelists. Biker Mice From Mars was an early 90s animated series than rode the Ninja Turtles wave of popularity. Opting to leave their mark on this nostalgic licensed property instead of their own original characters, Matthew and Chris bring a lot of passion to this comic book about giant mutant cyborg alien mice with big guns.
Chris and Matthew regal us with stories of Rick Ungar’s luxurious yacht, their previous foray into self-publishing (a secret anti-hero story!), and their extreme love of extraterrestrial rodents. After the end theme, we each share a personal sandwich recipe to help you get your chomp on for a belated National Sandwich Day celebration.
Hank describes the blossoming romance between Dino (#1 rez gangsta) and Carol (the new Granny), and the parental connection between Red Crow (living in a tipi) and Dash (deadbeat dad).
While the end of Scalped defies many of our original expectations, it also reinforces the extreme violence and misogyny that consumed earlier volumes.
In Between the Panels we take a look at artist Danijel Zezelj, who’s managed to best match Guera’s style out of any other contributing artist on Scalped. Finally, in Smoke Signals we look ahead to the future, asking questions like: Has Dino’s character arc fizzled out? First up, Hank 300 and Nick 20 chat about the digital panel-to-panel experience of reading Scalped on ComiXology. We also continue our discussion about Scalped’s treatment of female characters, finding that this story arc does nothing to make up for past transgressions.
The story settles into a brisk action-packed pace but it also increases the language and violence to a cartoonish extreme. Nick Marino and Shawn Atkins chat with three dedicated cartoonists who are working to crowdfund print editions of their webcomics. Heather Nunnelly (co-host of the AudioShocker’s VACANT Bits podcast) wants to create a graphic novel of the first six issues of VACANT.
Dave Wachter (who appeared on last year’s Sequential Underground #33) has exceeded his Kickstarter goal for a hardcover collection of The Guns of Shadow Valley. Burned by past attempts at crowdfunding, Solomon Mars (often found leaving deep thoughts in the AudioShocker comments) has opted to microfund a print edition of Goblyn through commissions. On this podcast, these three creators share their diverse crowdfunding experiences, offering advice to listeners (and often taking advice from each other). Our contest winner from Everything Blows #1 is Jason Averill, who cast Vanilla Ice as Captain America. After Ross Campbell and Nick Marino discuss two sets of wacky Laser Mission movie covers, they review Kelly‘s favorite 90s action movie, Rapid Fire. Brandon Lee is Jake Lo, an art student with a traumatic past who gets swept up in a battle between two drug kingpins. We follow up our Rapid Fire review with a discussion of the latest and greatest comic news!

Also, did Ross and Nick predict the ending to Age of Ultron waaaay back on November’s A Podcast with Ross and Nick #142?
Finally, after the end theme we expose Chris Sims and Comics Alliance‘s attempt to get EXTREME by reviewing X-Men: The Animated Series. In the comments below, tell us who Marvel Comics and Cannon Films should have cast in this Captain America film. Shout Factory has made a Blu-ray of the classic superhero stinker, 1990’s Captain America… infamous for its confusing story and low production value.
They were kind enough to provide me with a copy* of this b-movie, and I’ve decided to review it by highlighting nine things that make it wonderfully ridiculous. This is the shirt he wore to the filming of the Looking Back At Captain America featurette created for this Blu-ray re-release.
One of the most confounding things about this movie is how little screen time features the title character. Maybe you didn’t catch that part in the last paragraph — the Red Skull was the first super solider.
Instead of being a kickass secret agent, Cap’s partner has been recast as the young suburban daughter of his 1940s sweetheart. Before the tears begin flowing, Kelly Thompson, Ross Campbell, and Nick Marino converse about scary Easter bunnies, Nick’s sobering reality check at WonderCon, and comic book posters we had as kids.
While X-Men discussion dominates most of this podcast, we also talk about mangoes, oranges, kumquats, and Kelly’s custom bookcase. You can set any of the images you like on wallpaperswa as your computer desktop wallpaper background and also you can share your own favorite hot wallpapers with others include but not limited to the themes of nature, animals, anime, celebrities, hot girls and so on. We love cult films, comic books, graphic novels, webcomics, animation, weird TV shows, and fighting games. Every week we discuss comic books, webcomics, graphic novels, movies, TV, video games, fighting games, and more. It’s a PS3 video game with interesting ideas and characters, but the good stuff is accompanied by awkward racism, uncomfortable sexual assault scenes, and clusterfuck pacing.
Also, we try to explain what “In the universe” means but end up making the definition extremely confusing and hard to follow. The first step is research, which Sato does to the extreme by shutting himself in his room for an entire week and playing erotic video games and collecting internet pornography.
His ability thrusts him into historical controversy, which nearly destroys his small Massachusetts town. So Alita super-fan Jason comes to the rescue and helps Nick review the first three chapters of Yukito Kishiro‘s Battle Angel Alita v3: Killing Angel.
Alita has become entrenched in this sport and she’s surrounded by a new crew of misfits, including an enigmatic furball named Kinji. As press, I did attend the Long Beach Comic Expo in the spring — which is a smaller and supposedly more indie-focused show — but otherwise my link between Long Beach and comics has been nil.
While that show had a lot of similarities to LBCHC, one thing it did differently was make the greener creators look shunned by placing them at the extreme edge of the show.
It was the heart of the show and that really gave me a good vibe, having experienced too many other cons where Artist Alley is pushed against the back wall or hidden in a little area around the corner. I’ve exhibited at both of those shows in the past, and I loved and hated them for a wide range of reasons.
I didn’t even realize it until after I took them — they’re packed full of female exhibitors and attendees! Len was sitting at a stark white table adorned with a single hand-written sign featuring a price list on it.
And because LBCHC is in that sweet spot between large and small, the panels are intimate enough that you can sit up front, ask plenty of questions, and then talk to the creators afterwards.
These rookie indie comics creators have procured the blessing (and a license of sorts) from Rick Ungar, the creator of the property.
If you back the Biker Mice From Mars campaign after you hear this episode, let Matt and Chris know that Sequential Underground sent ya! Leave your ideas in the comments below by Monday, November 4th and we’ll discuss our favorite suggestion on the show.
Hank 300 and Nick review the three final volumes of the series (issues #43-60) — Scalped Vol.
Hank and Nick want suggestions for the next graphic novel, book, or audiobook you’d like us to review. Speaking of rails, this episode is sponsored by the Harrison Young Philadelphia Express Train! Shunka’s sexual reveal gets trumped by more extreme violence, while Dash’s daddy — Wade — returns to the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation.
8: You Gotta Sin to Get Saved and a recap of the Teen Center’s summer field trip to Fallingwater. If anything, it makes things worse by ensuring that pretty much every woman in the story safely fits into a “lover, mother, or corpse” role. If the earlier arcs of Scalped seemed to promise a “Native American noir” style of storytelling, then this arc suggests that we’re really reading “Bad Boys on the rez” instead. She’s steadily been working to reach her funding goal on Kickstarter (and as of today, she’s fully funded!
Thanks to extremely careful planning and thoughtful incentives, Dave has created a successful campaign.

Appealing directly to fans on deviantART, he’s creating a print option for readers while avoiding the stress of a failed campaign. He’s running a Kickstarter campaign for his western comic book, The Cowboy and the Goliath. Tell us the title of your sequel and give us a one-sentence elevator pitch in the comments on the AudioShocker.
From the ashes of the EXTREME challenge, Ross returns to the AudioShocker for a brand new podcast featuring the same ol’ conversation! Factory has put this superhero b-movie on Blu-ray for the first time and provided us with a review copy… a review copy that could become yours! Bonus points for Photoshoping a mask onto the actor’s face OR drawing your own artist’s rendering. We also talk about Ross’s exciting casting news (HINT: Guardians of the Galaxy), Kelly’s new gig writing an Alfred miniseries, and Nick’s progress reading listening to The Girl Who Would Be King.
There’s a WWII Red Skull fight at the beginning and then a painfully boring end battle where Cap fights the Red Skull in an ancient Italian castle. But the Red Skull is a comic book Nazi supervillain whose portrayal isn’t improved by this movie’s overly clever script. Be back here on June 4th, 2013 Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 for the first episode of Everything Blows with Ross and Nick…. All your uploaded desktop wallpapers should comply with the resolutions we offer and pornography or violent HD wallpapers is unwelcome. Over time, the AudioShocker has grown from a single weekly podcast into a full-fledged podcast network with tons of regular contributors and a wide range of content.
Part of that is because I’m a bit burned out on the notion of a comics scene in general after spending over a decade embroiled in a love-hate relationship with Pittsburgh’s community of fans and creators.
Well, except for that one cranky-looking guy at the IDW booth and the legendary Len Wein (co-creator of countless cosplay characters and Hugh Jackman’s favorite per$on). Congratulations to oasis789, the Divekick Verite contest winner of a download code for Divekick on Steam!
Nick is sick of Hollywood celebrities getting into these seemingly bogus romances just to keep themselves in the news. One lucky winner will receive a custom movie cover to their Rapid Fire sequel drawn by Nick.
Nick Marino is riding shotgun and Kelly Thompson is a backseat driver as the three friends plow into the massive mess that is the 1990 Captain America movie.
Instead of a sleek discus, they’ve given Cap a bumpy trashcan lid that’s reminiscent of lightweight plastic whenever we see it drift through the air.
Kidnapped by Fascist Italian soldiers while performing a lovely classical piece on the piano, Tadzio de Santis is transformed into the first super soldier.
I appreciate that they went with the wings on the mask, but for the life of me I can’t figure out who thought rubber ears would be a welcome addition. We discuss them in this order: Kelly’s first set, Ross’s first set, Ross’s second set, Kelly’s second set, and Nick’s set.
It smashed all kinds of artists together, with seemingly no preferential placement that pushed lesser-knowns to the back of the con floor like plenty of other shows love to do. But when Neal shares some thoughts about traditional arranged marriage in Indian culture, it causes Nick to question his extreme cynicism. He’s tall and lanky with the kind of face you’d expect to see on a kindly professor or a middle school gym coach. Hell, the clear shield in the Reb Brown Captain America TV movies looks better than this fucking thing!!
Seems like a poor choice for a film where the secret identity (Steve Rogers) isn’t very compelling.
He survives WWII and gets some reconstructive surgery that makes him look more like Jigsaw than the Red Skull.
This switcharoo fundamentally changes the origin of Captain America, making him a reactionary military gambit instead of a proactive attempt to create a living symbol of freedom. At the core, we strive to give you the raw conversation as it was recorded, with minimal editing. But LBCHC has a friendly atmosphere with a lot of enthusiastic creators and engaged attendees, so it’s an attractive option if I decide I want to start tabling again!
And physically he’s not even close to being a match for the character — they had to pad all of his clothes in the film, including the heinous Cap costume. The generic conflict in the film revolves around an international plan to assassinate the American president. This show was extremely diverse in just about every way imaginable from the kinds of comics to the kinds of booths to the kinds of people. But instead of being intriguing, it turns into a disorienting goose chase for our main character.
Nick prefers the latter, and praises the AudioShocker listeners (that’s you!) for being an incredible community of commenters.

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