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With all the recent advancements in web development and the new tools to quickly create a website, it is sometimes difficult for newbies to know where to start when it comes to website creation. The Basic 47 Free HTML5 Template is based on a Fixed Width layout with Mixed Columns and uses an HTML5 doctype. Learn the basics about Search Engine Optimization and the positive impact it can have on your business online.
Keyword research is crucial to identity target phrases that consumers are using to find related products and services.
Keyword density, content relevancy, inbound links and others factors determine your pages ranking.

Link building, otherwise known as Off Page SEO is crucial to provide link weight and link value to your web pages. The cornerstone for every successful online positioning is a solid website architecture, excellent content and a healthy inbound linking.
In my opinion, it is essential for any good graphic designer to have a good base knowledge of HTML and CSS. Our FREE SEO training will provide you with the necessary skills to thoroughly analyze your website performance on the search engines. Without link popularity (quality one way inbound links from other sites) your pages will never achieve the proper online ranking and positioning.

While it can be relatively easy to install and run a CMS (Content Management System), it is sometimes not necessary to have a full-on installation if a client requires a basic 2-page website with minimal text and graphics.

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