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We do our best to support as many browsers as possible, but we can't test and support them all. The first one to cover an entire row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) yells "bingo" and you've got a winner!
For more inspiration, check out these  awesome Thanksgiving parties from our site, all our free Thanksgiving printables, and these Thanksgiving party supplies from our store! To learn more about Michelle and see all her printable collections, head to Printabelle and the Printabelle Facebook page.
We have the best Bingo Card Generator in the world, popular Number Bingo Games to print or play online, and a growing selection of beautiful bingo cards for all occasions.

If you can, upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to get the best experience at Catch My Party. How about printing out these free printable Thanksgiving bingo cards designed by Michelle at Printabelle, and playing a game of Thanksgiving bingo to keep everyone entertained (you might get some adults, too).
Then call out items off the instruction sheet (in random order), and if the guests have that image or word on their cards, they cover it with a marker.
All our bingo cards can be customized by changing the title, words and even the colour and background. These are geniune UK bingo cards which are totally randomized, exactly as you would find them in a bingo hall.

2) Select whether you want a character or pairing included in your prompt and, if so, which list of characters they should be drawn from. Placement is less random, unless you use a random number generator or something like that to decide what goes in which square.

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