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Saavn is an advanced app, as it has lot of features and a wide range of verity in Indian music. This app doesn’t restrict to Bollywood, you can also listen to a lot of other Indian genres. This app has all the funny Bollywood sounds.  You can listen to them and laugh or set these funny tunes as your ringtones and alarm tones. This is one of the best apps for Bollywood music, as it is the perfect app for people who like old music.It has all the songs from early 70’s and 80’s. You can enjoy all the Bollywood movies and songs in high definition with the help of Bollywood Hindi Tube. This is one of the top rated apps on play store.  This app offers the best bollywood movies in high definition.
This app has everything from interview of the celebrities to latest movies that are going to come. Watch all new trailers from Bollywood to Hollywood without any interruption on Trailer app.

You can make a list of your favorite songs, download them and share them with your friends.
You can dedicate any romantic song to your loved one and also share your song list with your friends on facebook. You can watch all the movies on the first day with the help of this app, as it sets the reminder of movie dates.
It gives a question from a movie and provides the options for you to choose.  You can see how much you know and your friends know about Bollywood by taking this quiz. This particular company has dedicated their life to give the listeners the best music possible. You can set the latest movie posters as your wallpapers and set the latest songs as your ringtone. This app provides the movie posters and you can also get all the information regarding the latest movies.
Also you can add upcoming movie’s Release date to calendar directly from the app so that you will never forget to book tickets on time!

It also has a lot of video modes like workout songs, old songs and party time.  You can enjoy all these features through this app. You can also check see the birthdays of your favorite celebrity and get wallpapers.  You can download this app for free. It also informs you on what are the most awaited movies of the year.  Download this app for free.
This app can stream movies on slow internet devices.  Download this app for free on play store.
This company has produced a lot of music albums for bollywood for the past couple of decades.

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