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Snowy is having tons of fun this winter, but he is a little bit lonely when all the kids go home in the evening.
Design your own plane and then fly to your destination while avoiding the accumulating stormy clouds. There is a large group of reindeer that want to get some delicious cookies from your Reindeer Café. Come check out the crazy new hairstyles coming to Murb when the new store, Fun & Furry, opens! Whether you live near snow or not, everyone can join in the fun of decorating their own snowman in Snowy Fun. Help TipToe, Toy Machine, and Fuzby, as they work through the day at the Murb Nursery School. Farmer Fred, from Harvest Hootenanny, now needs your help to get the pumpkins ready for his customers. Ping Pong the Panda is trying to get his food, but the crazy Bunjas have taken over the Bamboo Forest. Practice your math fact while helping Peabody the Penguin catch as many fish as he can through the TEN levels! The new pet shop opened and they need your help to fill it with the tiny animals they intend to sell. Play this exciting division game and you will become the teacher and be able to create your own fun on the chalkboard. It is time for the Knight to take control of the castle, but he needs your math skills to do it. Get a visual understanding of Place Value and then practice with some problems made to review just how Place Value works.

After you have mastered the concept of Place Value in the above tutorial, play Scooter Quest and help Jimmy make enough money to buy his scooter by delivering papers to the correct houses.
Pretty often, while in the stuffy, overcrowded with noisy officers and ringing phones office one would wish to forget about all of this for a couple minutes and simply get away from it .So-called "Casual Games" are the ones to help you survive such moments. Practice your division facts while flying through the town and delivering the groceries to the right house.
Help the penguins eat even more ice cream with more crazy shoppe designs in this new division game!
Practice your division facts while taking some amazing pictures of some silly underwater friends in the new fun game. Help Lucky the Leprechaun get his coins back from the crows while practicing your division facts!
The village is doing well since the Edgemoor Tourament, but farmhand Peter could use your help!
Answer the division questions quickly and accurately to speed up your baby and have him win the race! Once in Murb, you will be able to go to Monster Dentisry, Chubz Diner, or Phonz's Photo Palace! Help Teith open cans, Zaga cook carrots, Bluecran serve tables, and Clean-O clean up spills! But, be sure to answer your questions quickly so the ants don't get away with your food and leave you hungry! These are not held here on Fun4TheBrain, so the links below will take you to a different site.
Solve division facts to help Snowy jump around the town finding all the snow he needs for his friend.

Practice your division facts while helping Officer Hubert safely get these crates scanned and shipped. Practice your division facts, while visiting the large marsh and playing with the great snails, frogs, and fish that live there!
Practice your division facts while making cement, hammering in nails, and building a new home for Rascal.
Help Sketch collect pencils and paints while doing addition problems and help save his world! Wash the funky funny cars while reviewing your division facts, and then charge around the course and have tons of fun!
Then, when you have answered enough correct math questions, you can build your own fairy kingdom! If you have ideas for additional tutorials that I could make, please contact me through the Contact Page and let me know your ideas! After installation is over, as a rule, you'll always find the way to get the game started up automatically. Most of us assimilate to the drug-users, we become game-addicted, in positive meaning of the word and keep playing the game (if favorable circumstances) till the eyes are heavy, till your grumbling boss (or wife) drives your off the computer. Academicians of different science-brunches were known to get mad or their brains got injured seriously while trying to acquire a food of new information .While playing a computer game the one switches on it completely, leaves all the rest of thoughts away and the brain gets a bit of rest .

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