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Who has love for creativity and enjoys experimenting with various techniques in both print and web. A common task in putting forward an innovative idea – and helping getting the idea selected – is developing the business case.
The Australian National Audit Office’s better practice guide Innovation in the Public Sector: Enabling Better Performance, Driving New Directions discussed this issue and recognised the role risk plays in innovation. Risk was also discussed in Empowering Change: Fostering Innovation in the Australian Public Service.
Given these issues, it’s clear that risks and their potential consequences need to be adequately considered. A helpful perspective can be to turn the onus around and consider ‘what are the risks of not introducing an innovation?’ What are the risks of staying with the status quo?
Alternatively, is there an opportunity where a problem or issue is urgent and normal conventions and practices are insufficient to the task at hand?
A further useful step is to look at where, if anywhere, the innovation has already been attempted. One of the difficulties in implementing a new idea is that it can be hard to tell what resources will be needed for it to succeed. Yet those approving the business case will want and need to know what the potential financial and staffing impact may be and that the estimate has some rigour – they need to know to what they are agreeing. A starting point is to consider whether the innovation can be trialled in a small contained fashion. Another option is to look at whether the idea has been applied elsewhere (in another agency, in another government or in a commercial or not-for-profit setting) and see whether information is available about the resource implications in that example. An example of unexpected issues is that if the innovative idea is successful, it can actually increase demand on the agency. Core Resources – The resources required to initiate and drive implementation of the initiative. Primary Resources – The resources needed to enable proper consultation and collaboration and rolling out of the initiative.
Peripheral Resources – The resources that may be impacted by the outcome of the initiative. On a cautionary note, a risk in developing a business case for the resources required is to underestimate what is needed. When the idea is implemented, how will you know whether it has worked (and so whether its implementation should continue)?
It may be helpful to consider the business case for the proposal as testing an experimental hypothesis – what is it you are trying to test and how will you measure the results of the experiment?
But other problems will be more complicated and there will not be a clear relationship between the idea and the outcomes. The innovation may have a number of parts and be happening at the same time as other developments (if a problem is big enough, there are often many things tried at the same time).
How can the idea be implemented in a controlled or limited fashion (you may not want the experiment to be too big)?
The Australian National Audit Office provides some tips on evaluation for innovative ideas as well. Early indicators can be used to detect any significant problems and enable corrective action to be taken. The better practice guide goes on to provide some advice on these steps that you may want to consider in your business case for your idea. Has consideration been given to whether the innovation can be trialled in a limited or reduced fashion? Does the plan identify opportunities to draw on the skills and resources of other organisations and individuals? Is it clear what resources are critical for the introduction of the innovation, and what resources would be desirable or helpful?

If success will be difficult to assess, is it clear what will make the innovation a failure? Have milestones been identified at which point the progress of the innovation can be assessed? Map MelbourneThis is a unique opportunity to hear from international experts on the use of behavioural insights to improve public sector service delivery.
We will review current Victorian Government priorities in the use of behavioural insights and our “Micro-Consultancy" lets you get free advice from two international experts on a behaviour change challenge of your choosing. Map CanberraThe APS Wide Events Series have been designed by the Australian Public Service Commission for all levels of staff across the APS. Map Geelong and onlineThis conference will look at the role the public sector can play in the economic transformation of the Geelong area.
In this event Alex Roberts will share some observations and personal reflections from his participation in the March 2016 Singularity University Executive Program, including some of the technologies that may affect the work of the public service, the speed of technological development and the possible challenges for the public service in responding to exponential change.
A public address to IPAA members by the Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. Secretary Michael Pezzullo will speak on the Australian Public Service and policy-making broadly; and within the context of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is one of the largest agencies in the APS. Map Canberra Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt, Professor Bruce Chapman and Dr Ken Henry will reflect on their experiences of how power, politics and personality have influenced the ability to introduce innovative policy both here in Australia and in the UK. This one-day workshop builds on the skills of emerging leaders with a focus on further equipping participants with the practical skills to succeed.
All the free Business clipart images are in WMF format as WMF is Windows' standard clipart format. Lucky me I discovered your web site by chance, and I am shocked why this accident didn’t happened earlier! The owner of this site, scriptgates cannot be held responsible for what its users are posting. Requirements for business cases can vary depending on how big an idea is and what the initial steps might be. If risks are realised in the public sector they can potentially have very significant and widespread impacts.
If you have an idea it likely means you think there’s a better way to do something or there’s a problem that you are trying to solve. Organisations can generally make a better assessment of risk if they can see that somewhere else has tried the idea before (and that the risks were contained).
If the idea is sufficiently novel, previous experience with other projects will be insufficient in providing a basis for assessing what will be needed for the project to work. This can be done at a small level (in the team) or at a large scale (across Departments) and can help identify what resources might be required and any unexpected issues that might arise. If the idea is a new or improved service and it is well received, there may be increased demand for it from the public and thus greater expense. There is a natural temptation to do this – the fewer the resources identified as being needed, the more likely the business case will be approved. How will you be able to tell whether it was this particular innovation that made the difference? The idea may be very experimental and it may not be possible to predict how it will fix the problem, even though there may be good reasons to suspect that it will contribute to beneficial outcomes.
If you cannot be sure what success will look like, can you be certain what failure will be? In Innovation in the Public Sector: Enabling Better Performance, Driving New Directions it notes “Performance information and its availability to agency managers, politicians and Australian citizens, contribute to learning, innovation and improvement. Our seminar will examine the results and lessons of seven new behaviour intervention trials that have been undertaken in Victoria, as well as national and international evidence on the public sector’s use of behavioural economics.

These events are thematically based with a range of key focus areas including leadership skills, innovation, communication, cultural change and diversity. Case studies and leadership perspectives will examine the value of strategic planning and investment, the potential created by infrastructure development and renewal, the relocation of government agencies into Geelong, the best forms of support for private sector growth and innovation, and how all parts of the communities can be engaged in the transformation process.
Specifically, he will reflect on public servants in the 21st century and the important role they play, the benefits of external collaboration, and setting a strategic direction.
Since the integration of the former Australian Customs and Border Protection Service and DIBP on 1 July 2015, the new Department has expanded law enforcement, policy and service delivery roles.
By attending this workshop participants will further build on their core interpersonal and organisational leadership skills to be able to lead and succeed in their roles. All these free Business free clip arts are in public domain, royalty free and can be freely used by anybody.
They also depend on the nature of the innovation and how big a shift from the status quo or business as usual scenario is involved. It is only natural that those being asked to approve investigation or implementation of an idea will want to have a good feel for what the risks are, and how they can be managed, mitigated or even avoided. Risk is measured in terms of a combination of the ‘consequences’ of an event and their ‘likelihood’. Or can the innovation be done in partnership with others with relevant skills or resources to help manage the risks? Or if the idea tackles a particular problem that limits what can be done by an agency, the removal of that problem can mean more can be done and that will have impacts on the rest of the organisation.
It can also be difficult to capture all of the unexpected contingencies that might arise and the resulting resource demands. The events feature prominent speakers who have a depth and wealth of experience across a myriad of careers in the public and private sectors. The Department is the gateway between Australia and the world, facilitating trade, travel and migration while protecting Australia from threats to the border.
Often times people dona€™t have the time, or the skills to design a business card, so they dona€™t do it. You may not use this site to distribute or download any material when you do not have the legal rights to do so. The business case should consider the potential impacts on the rest of the agency (or even other agencies) and how that might be managed. However, this can later jeopardise the success of the innovation if the resources required have been underestimated and the gap between what’s needed and what is available is not covered.
What if the outcomes are at first worse than what is currently in place – how will you know if the initiative will get better, and how can that be communicated to stakeholders? If you have any doubts about legality of content or you have another suspicions, feel free to contact us. Elimination of risk is generally not a practical goal but risk can be managed and mitigated by various treatments.
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