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Business listings websites have replaced the yellow page directories of the yesteryears, with easily accessible information about various businesses in and around your area. Being one of the most frequently used websites on the net, Google Places stand at the top of the list of free local business listings websites in UK.
This free online business listings website is becoming very popular in UK day by day as it enables the customers to give their reviews and rank various local businesses according to their personal experiences. Another leading free local business listings website in UK, Business Magnet gives you the facility to make your web page more prominent by using pictures, services offered by you and your contact details. Next on this list is Cylex UK, the wonderful website which is famous to the extent that it has more than 1.5 million visitors every month. A new addition to the local business listings websites, Locanto provides free advertising across various big cities in the country. Another popular free business listing website is Searchme4, which has an excellent reputation for its wide coverage, encompassing various areas of trade and local businesses and uses the best of technology to popularize these businesses. An SEO website where you can add your business, Free Business Listings enables you to generate more and more traffic for your site, when people search for it online. This free local business listings website covers businesses across UK, irrespective of their sizes and types.
Scoot is another amazing online tool for local business listings, which provides you great exposure over the net because of nearly 3.5 million people who regularly visit here. A well known free website in UK, which can be used by small local businesses, tradesmen and service provider to make themselves visible to millions of online viewers. Some other free local business listings websites are B2B Index, Unitel Direct, Lacartes and Thompson Loca.
And the last thing to mention, Free Website Templates are available free of charge, but users must leave the footer links intact.
With Google Places, you can add your business name, address, contact number, web URL, working hours, and payment methods for maximum five business categories. If you are looking to advertise your business for free, you must give Merchant Circle a strong consideration. Yelp is also one of the top free online advertising websites which is highly used by business owners to increase the recognition of their business. Yellow Pages is one of the most widely used listing website around the world featuring advertising solutions and city guides.
All of the above mentioned websites are proved to be effective free online advertising platforms to increase recognition of businesses in online world. Five Personal Finance Tips You Need to Know Right Now In order to become financially successful, you don’t need to spend year after year pursuing an MBA.

How to Continue Going to the Gym Forever We all know that regularly going to the gym and making it a lifetime habit is something we all want, but very few of us can actually hold onto it long enough to reap the benefits.
In the past, I wrote about the importance of having a business website: Why Your Business Needs A Website?
According to Google, there are roughly 2 million small businesses existing in Canada and only half of them have online presence. Besides being beneficial for people looking to search and review particulars about these businesses, such websites are beneficial for business too as they become easy to find for customers in a competitive environment, thus increasing the chances of attracting more customers and earning higher profits.
You can become easily visible with a great amount of website traffic when people use Google Maps to search for businesses or services in your local area.
This website provides you with a page which you can customize to generate more traffic to your website.
This website enjoys good traffic, maximizing your chances for customers signing up and joining in your web page. This website has more than 200 employees, who ensure that the data is updated regularly to keep up the Alexa rank of the site.
This website showcases a huge number of classified advertisements and you can also place one for your business here. It provides a brilliant platform to get more popularity for your business, without spending a single penny. So, all you have to do is choose a web design you like best, replace the default texts and images with your own ones and your website is ready to go.
She’s passionate about web design and blogging, but most of all she enjoys writing about web design freebies, such as Free Website Templates. However, it does not assure the high ranking of your website or results in search engine for the online users looking for the services and products you are offering.
Local offers free basic setup which allows you to enter your business name, address, contact number, web URL, working hours, and payment methods for maximum five business categories, similar to Google Places.
Similar to Google Places, Merchant Circle offers you enter your business name, address, contact number, web URL, working hours, and payment methods for maximum five business categories. You can list your business for free and enter web URL, a little about services and products you offer and keywords to target your audience. So, if you are willing to make your business recognized by the online users, then you must consider listing your business on all of the above free advertising sites. Doing simple things consistently and religiously year after year can lead to the path of financial success. Once we start going to the gym with lots of enthusiasm and optimism, most of us would vigorously go to the gym for the first three months.

Google has teamed up with other Canadian partners to make this free website program “Canada Get Your Businesses Online” ( a reality. If you have been putting off getting your small business online, don’t delay and join the millions who are already benefiting from online presence. There are certain websites for business listings, where you can register without paying anything and attain great benefits by being a member free of cost. It’s also important to know that “FREE” doesn’t mean you pay nothing and get nothing because each free template is a set of files that enables you to create a new website or update the one you have. In fact, the following templates fall into different categories, such as business, real estate, hosting, Christmas, travel, etc. Using the given below websites will list some of the important details about your business which can help you improve your search result ranking and recognition in the online world.
You will also get space in which you can enter particular details about your business such as services and products offered, year in which business was established. With Merchant Circle, you can add specific keywords to target the audience and pictures to improve recognition of your business. So what are you waiting for, list your business now on Yellow Pages for free and increase recognition of your business in online world. Then for the next three months to six months it would turn into an occasional venture, rather than a regular one. Google Canada has just launched their free websites and .ca domains program for one year for Canadian small businesses. You can also view the customer reviews and activity tracker to know how many people have seen your listing. Similar to other free online advertising platforms, you have to sign-up and list your business to increase its recognition. Google Places will send you a pin at phone or post card for the verification of your account. All you need is to sign-up and start listing your business to get high ranking and increased recognition.

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