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KakaoTalk is an innovative instant messaging platform that delivers a whole new approach to texts and calls.
What makes KakaoTalk stand out is the possibility to stay connected to the network no matter where you are, as long as you’ve got a device to connect from.
KakaoTalk not only aims to interconnect users, but also to provide a decent level of security while doing so. Having as a primary purpose chatting, the application not only provides the possibility to carry individual chats, but also to create chat rooms which multiple users can join.
Exchanging files is another advantage – up to 10 items can be sent at once using a drag and drop operation. All incoming text messages or file transfers are announced via live notifications, which can be configured entirely using the Options window.

Considering the above, KakaoTalk may be classified as a modern instant messenger that addresses both PC and mobile users, providing them with everything they need to stay in touch. Available for PCs and smart phones altogether, KakaoTalk makes a reliable communication channel, with extra security features to protect your identity. And because it relies on such a flexible approach, the perks that come from using this IM app are unlimited. The safety of the accounts is greatly enhanced by the sophisticated registration and authentication method, which includes a number of steps that involve a great deal of confirmations and security codes.
Also, you can make free calls to each other, with the observation that the calls can only be initiated from a phone.
The chats can be spiced up with the aid of the generous collection of emoticons and animations, while saving the conversations is also possible.

You can also customize the appearance of the chat window by changing the background to a preset or custom image. Also from this section, you may customize various appearance settings such as opacity, font and text style.

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