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Camping and caravanning is one of the more rewarding ways to explore and experience a place. There are plenty of free campsites tucked away around Queensland – but if you don’t know where they are you can easily miss them. Enjoy a peaceful night sleep in the humble town of Babinda (located just off the Bruce Highway). The town is nestled amongst lush mountains and green farmlands and is a great place to explore if you wish to stay in the area for a couple of days. Bushy Parker Park is a great rest area to stop over for free with all the camping facilities you need. If you want to stretch your legs the Dalrymple National Park is closeby with beautiful walks.
Lloyd Jones Weir is a peaceful camping spot located among trees on the banks of the pretty Alice River. If you would like more information about camping sites throughout Australia you might be interested in one of our camping guides. This will greatly assist others in making informative choices, when planing there next Holiday.
Get a spectacular glimpse of whales migrating, from Point Lookout towards the waters of Queensland and Fiji. Take on an Aboriginal journey at Dunwich, right at the very home of the Quandamooka people.
Take your outback adventure to the next level by driving along challenging terrains of Stradbroke. For the most awesome ocean activities, apply for an account and book a visit at Straddie Camping today.

People often assume that it won’t be difficult to find a place to stopover on a budget but soon discover it can be a lot more expensive than anticipated.
This free camping site is found in the Cairns region, between the coastal Graham Range and inland Bellenden Ker Range. Some places you might like to visit include Josephine Falls, The Boulders and Baninda State Hotel. There is plenty of shade and if you feel like taking a dip there is a clean creek closeby where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. The campsite itself is a basic parking area, but what it lacks in facilities it makes up for in serenity and a beautiful billabong teeming with birdlife.
This free camping spot is situated on the banks of a flowing and clear creek and is a very popular stop over site for campers and caravanners. It features ancient lava flows, fossilised limestone and Burdekin River and you can spot a range of Aussie animals including rock wallabies, squirrel gliders, sugar gliders (if you are lucky enough) and a variety of birds. This camping area has a great range of activities closeby including fishing, bird watching, walking, water skiing, kayaking and swimming. Campers love this free campsite because it is tidy and clean with plenty of shade and sufficient facilities. They’re known for breaching and splashing along the waters, further captivating the wonders of whale watchers. The North George Walk allows for views looking out sandy beaches, migrating hump back whales, turtles, dolphins and manta rays. Marvel at the village’s artefacts such as cooking tools, bush tuckers, medicines, old fish traps and many more. Brown Lake is considered as a hidden treasure where families can soak up the pure waters and glistening sun.

Be sure to bring your walking shoes and camera, so you can walk farther and get snapshots of mesmerising wildflowers. It has a subtropical climate, perfect for your beach adventures during summer and even winter time. Babinda is said to be named after the Aboriginal word “binda” which means waterfall or rain. If you would prefer to hit the waves there is a patrolled swimming area closeby at Balgal Beach. Rollingstone is located alongside the Bruce highway and is a popular Queensland destination for camping, swimming and picnicking.
The billabong is covered in water lilies and is frequented by Black Cockatoos, Willy Wagtails, Budgies (seen drinking in the morning), Whistling Kites and Brolgas if you are lucky.
The campsite doesn’t have any designated areas for people to park or pitch tents, so simply find a place you like on the large grassed area and settle in. As well as being a great place for bird watching, Lloyd Jones Weir has a sandy beach next to a lagoon where you can sun yourself and some great places to fish and swim.
Choose from Adder Rock, Amity Point, Cylinder Beach, Flinders Beach (dog friendly and 4WD-required), and many more. Either is plausible since there are plenty of waterfalls in the nearby ranges and it is one of the wettest places in Australia (receiving nearly 4 metres of rainfall per year). If you stick to the designated swimming pools and don't venture elsewhere for your swim, the Boulders provide a beautiful and welcome respite from the tropical heat.
See a nearby lake called Bummiera and get enchanted by the Aboriginals’ values related to it.

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