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This site isn't just for flirting - here you can also chat in peace and quiet within familiar surroundings. The first time you visit our chat site, you should read through the help section for newcomers. You have the "Slide" area (1), which is the biggest part of our window and displays the contents of the selected "Slide".
On the right side of the window, have the "Slides" tab (3), which shows us a thumbnail display of the different slides.
Again, we can customize the text, delete, copy, and rearrange slides in the same way as explained above. Another way to change the display of our presentation is, by making use of the "Display buttons" at the bottom of the window. When we click this button, we see all the slides from our presentation as thumbnails on the left side of our window.
To return to the "Normal" view, you can click the "Normal" view button in the "Ribbon", or click the "Normal" button at the bottom or, and this seems the quickest way to me, double-click on a "Slide" .

However, if you want more space to type in your notes, you should switch to the "Notes Page" display.
When this button is clicked, you will see the "Slide" on top and under it, a text box where you can enter your notes. To return to the "Normal" view, click on this button in the "Ribbon" or double-click the "Slide" in the "Notes page". To view our "Slideshow" click the "Slideshow" button in the "Ribbon" or click the button at the bottom on the "Status bar". To exit the "Slide show", and return to the previous view, press the "Esc" key on your keyboard. And in the "Display" click the arrow pointing downwards next to the "Open All documents using this view" text box. You can choose between the different variations of the "Normal" view, "Outline" view, "Slide Sorter" and "Notes Page" view. Moreover, you can play online games like billiards, quizzes and photo rating directly within the chat itself.

In the "Slide" area we create our slides, ie, we add text, objects, and place objects such as photos and videos.
In other words, when we create a new show or we open an old one, this is shown in "normal" mode by default. Whether you're single and want to do some flirting, or you're just looking for some nice people to chat with - you've found the right place here at knuddels. If you need to, you can move the slides by clicking and dragging them to the desired location. Copying a "Slide" is done by right-clicking on it and selecting "Duplicate Slide" from the drop-down menu.

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