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A North Korean defector gives a horrible account of how people with mental or physical disabilities are seen as a stain on the nation's image and are therefore used for performing experiments before being deliberately neglected until they die. The Japanese don’t starve or experiment on their disabled, but they do relegate them to the very edges of society and shun them. Ji, the founder of the organization Now, Action, Unity, Human Rights, or NAUH, who was in London this week to protest outside the North Korean embassy, added that this is contrary to the North Korean regime's claim that there are no people with disabilities under the rule of dictator Kim Jong-un and that everyone is equal and living well, according to The Telegraph.
Hospital staff regularly take away babies born with disabilities soon after they are born, added Ji, a Christian who is writing a book on North Korea's disabled people.
He said two other defectors told him that people with dwarfism are sent to a village in the remote mountains of Ryanggang Province. Talking about one such incident, he added, "They were forbidden to leave and left entirely to their own devices, without any outside help. Ji, who grew up in the midst of the famine, says he fell off a train and crushed his left hand and foot while he was stealing coal to support his family.

In 2000, Ji was allowed to cross into China to beg for food, but was later arrested as he was returning. They told me that because I was disabled, I had hurt the dignity of North Korea by going to China to beg and that I had humiliated [former ruler] Kim Jong-il. However, authorities in North Korea are reacting only by restructuring the country's vast network of prison camps, which involves subjecting prisoners to relocation and arbitrary executions. After crossing over, Ji urged his brother to leave him fearing his disability would get them both captured.
With the help of brokers and religious groups, he trekked across China on his crutches and eventually reunited with his brother in South Korea. Since his escape, Ji has been making efforts to enhance mutual understanding and social integration between North and South Koreans, broadcast information to North Korean youth via Radio Free Asia and Far East Broadcasting, and help defectors escape and resettle in South Korea. North Korea has been a brutal dictatorship, ruled by one party, the Korea Worker's Party, and led by one family, the Kims, since its formation in 1948.

There are at least 100,000 Christians in that nation's harsh prison camps, where prisoners face torture, forced labor and possible execution, Christian groups say. Ambrose U (IA) Texas Southern U (TX) U of Pennsylvania (PA)Nipissing U (ON, Canada) St. Cloud State U (MN) Texas Wesleyan U (TX) U of Pittsburgh at BradfordNorth American Baptist Coll Saint Francis Coll (PA) Thomas More Coll (KY) (PA)& Edmonton Baptist Sem St. Joseph’s Coll, New York Trinity Coll (CT) U of Prince Edward Island(NC) (NY) Trinity Western U (BC, (PE, Canada)North Central Coll (IL) St. Olaf Coll (MN) Canada) U of South Florida (FL)Louisiana (LA) St.

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