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Your credit score is a number ranging from 300-850, with lower numbers representing a "poor credit risk" and higher ones indicating an "excellent credit risk." Your credit score can make a difference of several hundred dollars a month in your mortgage or car payment.
It's a good idea to monitor your credit score regularly to be on the lookout for changes that require investigation. Yes, there lots of places online that offer a "free credit score" - one time, with strings attached. Firms that make such offers are required by law to let you cancel a subscription without penalty during a trial period, which can range from only 7 to a more reasonable 30 days. If you're merely curious and you want just an estimate of your FICO credit score, MyFICO offers a free Credit Score Estimator.
Some banks and major retailers offer ongoing credit score monitoring as part of their services. There are a few exceptions that I have found: Credit Karma is advertiser-supported, so you will be presented with offers from credit card companies and other lenders after you give your personal information, in exchange for your credit score. One important caveat is that Credit Karma does not give you your official "FICO" credit score.
Another free option is Credit Sesame, which provides your Experian credit score from and an overview of your credit and debt situation. Finally, there's Quizzle, a subsidiary of the company that also owns Quicken Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

For some reason, I had to submit one of the three requests by snail mail on last year's order, but I did eventually receive the report.
As someone who has worked in automotive finance for 20 years, I can honestly say that far too much emphasis is placed on these scores. The second thing that is important to know about the elusiveness of these scores is that there are literally DOZENS of different versions of these scores, even within the same bureau.
Consumer Reports currently has a petition campaign that they want to send to our lawmakers to compel them to REQUIRE the credit bureau system to come up with more uniform standards of scoring, and make those all readily available to the average consumer in much the same way that our credit reports are currently made available to us. You neglected to mention that Walmart credit card holders get a free FICO score if they opt out of paper statements. This one number summarizes your creditworthiness, and it's the first thing lenders look at when you apply for a loan, and often the last. They may know what it was the last time they applied for a loan, but it may have changed since then. Just checking your score will not affect your rating, but it can be costly to monitor your credit score. You'll have to fork over a credit card number for a trial subscription to an ongoing credit monitoring service. Any of these scores you get online will pretty much guaranteed NOT match what your lender is looking at.

It's very honest and it helped me make my final decision to go with Credit Karma, even if they don't give FICO. You're probably paying for it somewhere among all the other charges you get from any service provider. Part way into the current recession, all my banks ('cept one)cut my credit lines back to $100.00 over my current balances.
Currently, it's the first and only website to free credit scores, reports and monitoring updated DAILY. But identity theft is a growing problem, and ID thieves may be ruining your credit score without your knowledge. Although I never have missed a payment and never even been late on even one single payment, that action cut my credit score by about 80 points.
But incorrect, inconsistent, or missing information in your credit files can cause them to differ.

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