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The words of Andrew Breitbart kept speaking to me as I considered the next step in my writing career. This site reflects both what’s missing with online journalism as well as what works just fine, thank you.
And when Hollywood takes a lazy swipe at paying customers, just because they have different views, we won’t be afraid to step up. SHARE ON TUMBLR - Selection: 'Text' 'Photo' 'Quote' 'Link' 'Chat' 'Video' - Click on Photo.

Choose (below Photo URL) in the selection window the first photo and click "Create post" Done!
Andrew welcomed an open and feisty debate, and he championed those who wanted to use New Media to let their voices be heard.
We’ll welcome liberal critics to sound off on the latest Hollywood content and engage in friendly, but impassioned, debates on the cultural matters of the day. We respect the creative process, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like Hollywood is playing fair.

When you finish reading one your gut will know whether you should waste your time on that movie, show or series. Our interviews will avoid fluff and ask tougher questions of the people who entertain us for a living.

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