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With three kids, we have to get really creative with our date nights, but we make it a priority. Before having kids, I thought date nights meant getting a sitter - but I didn't realize the costs associated with doing that on a regular basis (first there is the cost of the sitter and then the cost of finding things to do for the several hours you're gone out of the house). I am no expert by any means on marriage and I learn everyday right along side all of us on this crazy journey we call marriage, but I have learned a few tips that make dates possible in MY household.
Love this and I actually have to work on making it a point to date nights with my boyfriend. For those of you who are new to the blog, we built our house - well, WE didn't build it. I have been waiting forever to post these photos and I just can't wait to finally show you! Since today marks the one year anniversary of our engagement, I thought it would be fun to at make a little something for him to commemorate the day. This is a really cool idea, I love the idea of having a free printable deck of cards with date night ideas. If you're stopping by and you're new to the blog, let me tell you a little bit about myself! I hear a lot of people say, "Oh you're so lucky that you can afford to get dates" or "you're lucky that you have family who watch your kids." But the reality is that neither of those are universally true.

It gave us time to catch up on talking and we usually used the time to take a nap and relax together. Good for you and your hubby for making your romance a priority - a lot of people don't do that nowadays. When your kids go to bed, all you want to do is veg out (that or do all the laundry you haven't been able to do!).
I mean, i might not be married now but definitely something to keep in the backburner until then! Plus, it makes a great keepsake with a little area on each card to record how the date went, when you went on your date, and your favorite memories from your time together. If you love DIY and creative style, enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive our free newsletter by email. I met my husband 13 years ago when we were still in high school and have been married for five years. And, honestly, our dates can be as simple as sitting by the fireplace and asking each other questions to ordering takeout and having picnics, fun drinks, and renting movies.
After being together for so many years, I have to admit we certainly don’t go on as many dates as we use to. Yes Missy is a light-hearted lifestyle blog about creative ideas, beauty, fashion, and weddings.

Some posts may be sponsored, contain gifted items or affiliate links, but this will never influence the honesty of the content. This card deck is as fun way to give us to some new date ideas, try new things, and have new experiences together.
Because my mom watches the kids one day a week for me during the day, I feel like it'd be burdensome to ask her to watch the kids even more for us to go on a date night.
So, unless it's a wedding we can't miss or a gift (for Christmas she often gives us movie tickets and a night of babysitting), we only ask her to help when it's a work function and one of us can't pick up the kids.
The truth is that while we ARE lucky that we have family to help out, it isn't LUCK that gets us date nights.
The way I look at it: If I don't nurture my relationship NOW, I will not have a relationship to nurture LATER.

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