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It must be a fucking dream and a half to not have to worry about getting a job so you can make ends meet for the rest of your life.
Since these kids grew up with platinum spoons in their mouth, does that automatically mean that they’ll grow up, ever encouraged by the Hollywood spotlight, to become the most self-absorbed, self-idolizing uber bastards of the free world?
But for these pretty, posturing dickholes, the constant, grinding day-in and day-out slavery of the working class is about as far and alien to celebrity rich kids as first-class airline seats are to you.

You have beautiful, brimming humanity cocooned inside of you that’s untouched and glimpsed by only a select and worthy few. It hasn’t been blinded and scrutinized by flashbulbs, or publicly humiliated by seedy sex tapes that never die. You have something they want and actually had at some point: the absolute freedom to live your life however you want.

If you ask me, I’d rather have a whole lifetime than some paltry fifteen minutes of forgotten fame.

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