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There is nothing stopping you producing an eBook to a standard better than the majority currently available on Amazon. In truth I learned many of the skills needed on the go so if you or someone you know wants to produce an eBook there's nothing stopping you.A  So let's spend a short time going through my particular case study and build the confidence you need to have a go yourself. As the proud owner of a Kindle eBook reader I'm more that a little frustrated at the very limited amount of UK literature in the UK shop.
I read the continuing saga of the major publishers willingness or otherwise to ePublish books but hopefully this one will get through.A  Hopefully my little blog will get enough attention that if it is published a few of you will buy the book, which is acclaimed as one of the most important on the subject, and honour not just the author but all of the pilots who so selflessly and bravely sacrificed their lives for our liberty and way of life in the skies over southern England all those years ago.
As I could find no scanned let alone electronic version on the Web I knew I had to go right back to the original book for the source data.A  I would use my many years in software product development to create a process which would hopefully guarantee a high quality outcome.
OCR software will really suffer in terms of accuracy if the image is blurred or not level so use the preview feature of your scanner and weigh down the book to ensure the scan is as good as possible. The key feature of Readiris Pro12 is the Drop2Read application where you can drag and drop one of the scanned images onto the software and it displays and saves a plain text file version of the page which speeds up the workflow dramatically. This is the single longest part of the conversion process but is quite satisfying after each session to see yourself making progress through the book. I purchased the book in Kindle format to read in bed at night and a was very glad when Kindle for Mac came along so I could more clearly see the example code and copy where necessary. I know that my HTML is not perfect and I could definitely make a better job of it but Ia€™ve structured it well so that I can easily make changes.A  Enhancements would include comments and better use of Style Sheets but I wanted to get on with finishing the book so skipped some of these a€?optionala€™ components.

A little trial and error and I was presented with my first draft of the book.A  It took a couple of goes to make sure the table of contents, book cover etc worked but again referral to the reference book and an email to Joshua Tallent helped here.
This sped things up hugely and significantly improved the accuracy of the edit.A  You can see in the screen shot above, how closely I have been able to replicate the fonts, styles and layout from the original first edition within my Kindle for Mac copy. This may be the first time you see your book on the actual Kindle device and it should be noted that the appearance on the book may be quite different than appeared on the Kindle for Mac software.A  Obviously the physical Kindle format is the one for which you should optimise so you may need to adjust the spacing at the start of chapters to best match the book if that is your desired outcome. Make a Note any adjustments required with as much detail as possible, as location is often a little tricky when looking at a lengthy HTML file. Make (hopefully) one last version of the book and check that each of the edits has worked as required.
You may be a little fed up of the book by now but try to read through the book as if you were a regular reader and you will almost certainly pick up any remaining errors though hopefully none will remain.A  You should be really proud of your work, giving the book a new lease of life for yourself and hopefully for a wider audience.
If you have a personal favourite that is not currently available as an eBook I urge you to have a go as you will have a lot of fun doing so.A  You never know, if publishers recognise how much better passionate individuals can make a book than their mass-produced versions, you may even see your version on the shelves of the Amazon store. Please feel free to leave a comment below to help me make any improvements to this and future posts.A  I hope you enjoyed the article.
Pitch control in real-time including distortion, reverb, churos, echo, flanger, delay, gargle, etc. Your order will be processed by our partner Avangate, the e-commerce partner and global provider for online software businesses.

I use Espresso (A?47.97 by Macrabbit) as I like it's site navigation and the way it completes HTML tags for me.
You may wish to give your book a more modern feel by adjusting fonts, spacing etc but my objective was to match the book as closely as possible so that it looked as much like the author Richard Hillary would have experienced it prior to his tragic death in 1943. Each of these stakeholders have been critical in bringing books and reading to such a wide audience and it seems a shame to me if there was not a way for each to play an equally critical part in its future.A  It will require, though, some significant changes on the part of the publishers and retailers to ensure they keep adding value to the process. This amazing DJ mixer has an audio and video player with two independent decks and provides perfect professional sound quality. It's colour coding is also great for spotting errors and ensuring my code is as tidy as it can be. With Program4PC DJ Music Mixer you can add multiple files and configurable samplers and each has it’s own player and volume control. Furtermore, it comes with a 10-band Equalizer and 12 presets.Program4PC DJ Music Mixer also supports video files such as DivX, MPEG, etc.

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